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Group Manager Facilities Engineering

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Your New Role

Coordinate the Facilities Maintenance Engineering, including studies, design, improvement, modification and construction of buildings, building equipment and building infrastructure, securing all projects will be developed and implemented according the required specifications and following the company’s priority (safety, health and environment, quality, cost and delivery) as well as the companies culture and working principles.


Work in close collaboration with production and processes areas to understand their operations and requirements on building and infrastructures and provide proper solutions, attending their demands on quality, cost and delivery.

Coordinate the Facilities Maintenance Engineering team, developing and stimulating each professional, securing they will deliver their best performance and at the same time promote a good working environment.

Ensure that services and equipment purchased meets the requirements.




Main Tasks

- Coordinate Facilities Engineering projects, ensuring his area and team will meet all quality, cost and delivery requirements.

- Coordinate activities related to studies, development, improvement, modification, design and construction of buildings, building equipment and building infrastructure, including connection of production equipment to the building infrastructure.

- Enable and ensure collaboration between the Facilities Engineering and production processes, supporting areas, SHE coordination and purchasing department to secure all conditions will be on place for building and infrastructure project execution.

- Good communication with internal and external stakeholders, including suppliers and authorities.

- Good project management skills.

- Good knowledge in costs and investment management.

- Good people development skills, securing the team will be in constant technical development.

- 协调设施工程项目,确保他的地区和团队满足所有质量、成本和交付要求。

- 协调与建筑物,建筑设备和建筑基础设施的研究,开发,改进,改造,设计和建造有关的活动,包括生产设备与建筑基础设施的连接。

- 实现并确保设施工程和生产流程,支持区域,SHE协调和采购部门之间的协作,以确保建筑和基础设施项目执行的所有条件到位。

- 与内部和外部利益相关者(包括供应商和当局)进行良好的沟通。

- 良好的项目管理技能。

- 熟悉成本和投资管理。

- 良好的人才发展能力,确保团队将在不断的技术发展中。

Candidate Requirements

Education and/or Experience

- Bachelor’s degree in engineering, major in construction, mechanical, electrical or automation related preferred.

- Project Management studies.

- Experience of coordinating project and leading large industrial establishments.

- Leadership skills direct /indirect in matrix organization

- Senior management.

- Experience of working with European global companies is an advantage.

- Share Scania core values.

- Experience within automotive industry will be an advantage

- 工程学士学位,建筑、机械、电气或自动化相关专业优先。

- 项目管理研究。

- 具有协调项目和领导大型工业企业的经验。

- 矩阵组织中直接/间接的领导技能

- 高级管理层。

- 与欧洲全球公司合作的经验是一个优势。

- 分享斯堪尼亚的核心价值观。

- 有汽车行业经验者优先

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

- Fluent oral and written English.

- Fluent in Chinese and English in speech and writing.

- Very good general knowledge of PC and Office 365.

Project Management.

- High knowledge Chinese laws and regulations in construction and environmental/authority aspects.

- Communication skills.

- Negotiation skills.

- 流利的英语口语和书面语。

- 中英文流利的言语和写作能力。

- 非常好的PC和Office 365的一般知识。


- 了解中国建筑和环境/权威方面的法律法规。

- 沟通技巧。

- 谈判技巧。



We are looking forward to your application that should include your CV and a personal letter. Interviews will be held continuously.

Application should be sent to with the title of Application Group Manager Facilities Engineering .



If you think you fit this description and like the idea of joining a environment with great opportunities for professional development,then please contact us.


Send you application via mail to:


Your application should include a covering letter describing why this would be a good step for you in your career and how you will contribute to the group's success and a CV in English.


We look forward to receiving your application.