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Environmental Engineer-Environmental Footprint

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 融资租赁


Environmental Engineer-Environmental Footprint

- Coordinate industrial environmental committee.

- Develop netrwork with industry, providers, academia, authorities and society in general to devolop sustainable solutions.

- Coordinate development of sustainable solutions for circular economy and waste disposal.

- Consultancy for production processes on circular economy and waste disposal.

- Prepare and apply education and procedures.


- 协调工业环境委员会。

- 与行业、供应商、学术界、当局和整个社会开展网络合作,以开发可持续的解决方案。

- 协调开发循环经济和废物处理的可持续解决方案。

- 为循环经济和废物处理的生产过程提供咨询。

- 准备和应用教育和程序。


Competence requirements

- More than 3 years of experience in the same position in manufacturing

- Fluent in written and spoken English

- Good communication skills

- Able to accept training abroad


- 制造业同岗位经验3年以上

- 书面英语可口语流利

- 良好的沟通能力

- 可接受出国培训


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