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Engine Assembly Group Manager

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 学历要求:本科
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 工作经验:5-10年


Job Description:

- Recruit and develop the organization for the assembly at Engine

- Ensure that the line organization is prepared, trained and ready for the transition to those ways of working

- Communicate and disseminate information within the organization

- Actively participate in workshops, project and decision meetings, represent the project team in cross functional meetings, present status and follow up the manning and identification of competence needs


- 招聘和发展发动机装配的组织

- 确保直线组织做好准备,接受培训,并准备好过渡到这些工作方式

- 在组织内交流和传播信息

- 积极参与讲习班、项目和决策会议,在跨职能会议上代表项目小组,介绍现状并跟踪人员配备和能力需求确定


Job requirements:

-College education or above

- More than 8 years relevant working experience.

-Good command of written and spoken English

- Common training in Södertälje for 13 weeks and the role specific training at Engine Assembly (DE)


- 大学或者以上的教育经历

- 8年以上相关岗位经验

- 熟练的英语书面和演讲能力

- 能够前往瑞典进行三个月的培训

- 在瑞典南泰利耶进行为期13周的培训,并在发动机装配(DE)中进行特定角色的培训



If you think you fit this description and like the idea of joining a environment with great opportunities for professional development,then please contact us.


Send you application via mail to:


Your application should include a covering letter describing why this would be a good step for you in your career and how you will contribute to the group's success and a CV in English.


We look forward to receiving your application.