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Development Engineer-Maintenance

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 生产


Responsibilities and purpose of the role

Ensure that methods are developed and educational material and trainers are available in accordance with given directives.
Contribute to a good working environment and actively participate in improvement work.


Main duties

• Be cohesive in activities linked to the maintenance strategy/UH needs.

• Improve and develop working methods and methods/standards based on the needs of UH.

• Create training and training materials.

• Train and educate in working methods and standards.

• Be UH support as a /trainer/manager of processes and methods and disseminate knowledge for increased understanding in maintenance and its thermology.

• Participate in implementation and implementation so that the method/standard is set

• Leda audits/Revisions

• Stay well informed about technological developments and new ways of working (Business intelligence analyses)

• Drive and participate in improvement groups (e.g. PEIP, ÅT)

• Propose and supervise degree projects based on needs within UH

• Ensure that Reflex is up to date in SPS maintenance


• 在与维护策略/UH需求相关的活动中保持一致。

• 根据UH的需要,改进和发展工作方法和方法/标准。

• 创建培训和培训材料。

• 对工作方法和标准进行培训和教育。

• 作为流程和方法的/培训师/经理,成为UH支持,并传播知识以增加对维护及其热学的理解。

• 参与实施和实施,以便制定方法/标准

• 勒达审计/修订

• 随时了解技术发展和新的工作方式(商业智能分析)

• 推动并参与改进小组(例如 PEIP、ÅT)

• 根据UH内的需求提出和监督学位项目

• 确保反射在 SPS 维护中是最新的


• Merit if there is knowledge of maintenance systems, for example. Maximo and/or certified according to EFNMS

• Have deep and broad expertise in the field of cost-effective and reliable maintenance.

• Good knowledge of MS Office suite


• 例如,如果对维护系统有了解,则值得。 最大和/或根据EFNMS认证

• 在具有成本效益和可靠的维护领域拥有深厚而广泛的专业知识。

• 熟悉微软办公套件


College or equivalent experience



• At least 3 years of experience in production or plant maintenance

• Experience of cost-effective and reliable maintenance (e.g. TPM, LEAN etc.)

• Experience of working according to quality management systems

• Experience working in maintenance systems


• 至少3年生产或工厂维护经验

• 具有成本效益和可靠维护的经验(例如TPM,精益等)

• 根据质量管理体系工作的经验

• 有维护系统工作经验


• ANALYTICAL (problem-solving skills). Solves problems without missing the long-term strategies, sees logic and connections in complex information or environment.

• STRUCTURED (purposefulness). Works according to a clear process, organizes and plans his work well, completes what has been started and keeps deadlines.

• INQUISITIVE (openness). Keeps abreast of his profession and his area of expertise, monitors the world around him and trends.

• RELATIONSHIP CREATION (extraversion). Actively takes initiative in social contexts, steps forward and finds it easy to create new relationships.

• RESULT-ORIENTED (purposefulness). Sets high goals for himself and works hard and ambitiously to reach these goals, doing what is required for a good result.


• 分析(解决问题的能力)。 在不错过长期策略的情况下解决问题,在复杂的信息或环境中看到逻辑和连接。

• 结构化(目的性)。 按照明确的流程工作,很好地组织和计划他的工作,完成已经开始的工作并遵守最后期限。

• 好奇心(开放性)。及时了解他的职业和专业领域,监控他周围的世界和趋势。

• 建立关系(外向)。在社交场合积极采取主动,向前迈进,发现建立新的关系很容易。

• 以结果为导向(目的性)。为自己设定高目标,并努力而雄心勃勃地实现这些目标,做一个好结果所需的事情。


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