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Cloud & Integration Application Specialist

  • 上海-静安区
  • 学历要求:本科
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 工作经验:5-10年


A brief summary of the provided position as below 本职位概述如下:

  • Main technical cloud coordinator for Scania Sales China 斯堪尼亚销售中国,云技术方面的协调员

a. technical assessment (integration / infra structure ,etc )技术评估(包含系统对接,infra架构,等)

b. cooperate with Global cloud team to deploy and build local cloud tenant. 配合总部团队部署和搭建本地的云环境

c. data flow structure verifying 数据流向方面的确认工作

  • Main contact of application integration with Chinese ecosystem (able to have technical assessment with ISEC ) 有将系统融合进中国本地生态系统的经验(有能力配合安全团队做相应的安全评估)
  • Collaborate with external IT suppliers in projects 项目中对接外部IT供应商

a. Cloud vendor management (SaaS & Cloud foundation)

b. On prem application vendors

  • Sometimes work with assignments to find solutions to issues, within area of responsibility work solution orientated as well as task based 针对不同的任务可以给出相应的解决方案,
  • Utilize/support Scania Global/Chinese digital system /tools支持Scania总部和本地的数字化系统和工作,提升办公效率
  • System account management 系统账号管理
  • Lead and organize development of improvement work within own department. (process improvement) 在部门内部组织和引领流程的改进
  • Contribute/provide input to team planning.在项目和工作计划过程中,可以提供有价值的观点




  • SQL query 数据库查询

Has basic SQL query skill , able to use SQL to analyse system data , better to working with data relevant team to generate the BI report . 有基本的SQL 查询能力, 可以使用SQL 进行基本的数据分析,可以配合相关数据部门生成BI 报表

  • Collaboration 合作

Need to have competence to work with different stakeholder or suppliers according to project definition 根据项目定义有能力与不同供应商或者内部同事配合以满足业务需求

  • Solution driven 方法导向

More focus on solution and results driven, able to be find the solution independently with the business optimize thinking 专注在方案和结束, 有能力独立寻找业务所需的方案,并且持续优化方案

  • Cloud Architecture ( Paas/Saas understanding) 云架构

Have solid cloud application knowledge, able to assessment different cloud platform , cooperate Scania Global team establish China cloud platform , support application host application in local cloud platform

Better to have AWS /ALI cloud relevant certificates 有较强的云相关应用的知识,有能力评估不同云平台的优劣势,可以配合总部云团队简历部署中国的云平台。配合总部application 团队将系统部署到中国云平台

  • Cloud standards

Understanding of cloud standards with focus on interfaces and integrations. Ability to discuss standards with solution architects.



Experience and qualifications

  • Computer-related majors 计算机相关专业
  • Basic SQL query skill 有基础的SQL 技能
  • Familiar with the performance of the system's interface, and can propose feasible solutions according to business need 熟悉系统间接口性能,并且可以针对性提出可行方案
  • Basic cognition for various system development platforms or code types 对于各类系统开发平台或者代码类型有基本认知
  • Basic IT infra experience 有基础的IT infra 经验
  • Cloud certifications EXP. ACP, Azure SA, AWS SAP will be a plus 拥有各类云平台认证(加分项)
  • Experience in mixed cloud environment will be a plus 有混合云经验(加分项)
  • Knowledge with Python, shell or other scripting language. 数据Shell/Python/Perl中一种及以上脚本语言(加分项)
  • Basic project management and coordinate experience 基础的项目管理和协同经验
  • Fluent written and oral English 流利的英语书面和口语



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