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Purpose of Role


The main responsibility of the Buyer within General Purchasing is to perform administrative, commercial, technical or support activities to contribute to the procurement of category specific products and services to the right cost and the right capacity, based on commodity and category strategies and aligned with Business Plan.


In this role you either specialize in the professional skills and competencies for the role or develop a solid base of professional competences and expertise needed to for a role as Sourcing Manager.


Experience & Qualifications


• Academic thinking level

• or you have a longer experience within Scania and/or operative purchasing but no formal higher education.


Job Description - Duties & Tasks

The most significant Duties and Tasks for this role are described below.

A buyer supports assigned categories with activities and tasks, for example:


Category support Supplier base

· Acquires category specific industrial, market and technology knowledge.

· Maintains and develops relationship with suppliers within the category.

· Supports introduction and phase out suppliers.

· Supports in ensuring long term capacity of supplier portfolio and with capacity/delivery issues.

· Contributes in the evaluation of suppliers by reviewing and analyzing their performance.

· Supports in driving and improving performance of Technology, Quality, Delivery and Cost, focusing on Sustainability.

· Coordinates bidders list within VW-group.



· Follows long term strategy for strategic suppliers and partners.

· Participates in strategic and tactical discussions with manager and colleagues.

· Executes operational and tactical activities.


Business and Sourcing plans

· Participates in operational and tactical discussions with business partners to understand and assess business and purchasing needs.

· Executes business plan activities.

· Executes sustainable strategies in close cooperation with internal customer.


Sourcing support

Performs sourcing of products and services by carrying out activities based on category and commodity strategies, for example:

· Prepares and send out request for quotation (RFQ) /Global sourcing.

· Uses standard bidders list.


· Analyses offers.

· Participates in cross functional alignment and necessary activities.

· Negotiates.

· Prepares and presents sourcing case in decision forums.

· Recommends best choice of suppliers, based on Technology, Quality, Delivery and Cost with a focus on sustainability with support (TQDCS).

· Contributes to realise savings.

· Creates contract/orders for signing by using pre-defined templates.


Cross functional alignment

· Participates in cross functional work with internal customer.

· Coordinates work and meetings.

· Assists internal customer in GP purchasing process.


Manage deviations

· Participates in quality work within supplier portfolio.

· Handles smaller deviations, escalates critical deviations.

· Supports internal customer.



· Places orders.

· Handles Invoices.

· Updates Price lists.

· Documents work progress and deviations.

· Administrates contracts and price lists.

· Administrates and understands currency and other relevant index.


Continuous improvements

Initiates and conducts improvement work (routines, processes etc.) within own area of responsibility as well as contributes to the overall improvement work.



In this section you will find the most important recommended competence requirements needed for a role holder to perform the duties and tasks of the role. The competences are divided into three categories:


· Professional Competences are specific for the role. It is the ability to perform the duties and task of the role and can be observed at work.

· General Knowledge and Skills are needed to perform our duties and tasks. Knowledge is the theoretical understanding of a subject and skills are proficiency in performing a physical or mental activity. They are general to many roles.

· Personal Competences are qualities we need to demonstrate for successful work results.


Scania general competence scale when defining required competence level:

1. Acquire: Learning to be able to apply the competence in work situations. Able to apply competence in work situations using support.

2. Apply: Able to apply competence in work situations independently without support.

3. Guide: Able to apply competence in work situations with extraordinary or complex conditions and guide and lead others.

4. Shape: Considered as an expert and motivator

5. Innovate: Considered as an authority in the field, both internally and externally


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