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A brief summary of the provided position as below:

As civil technician in Facility Maintenance you will responsible for the operation securing all the Buildings related in good condition. You also need to implement the preventive maintenance and execute the corrective maintenance. All of the activities should follow the standard and ensure comply with the Scania procedure and local regulation. You also need to guide the 3rd parties to implement and evaluate their service. Support the managers, engineers and technicians in projects and operations in your area of expertise.


Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily:

> Follow up the national regulations and quality standards, Organize construction according to Scania design standard.

> Evaluate properties and characteristics of basic building materials.

> Develops technical texts applied to the area of Buildings according to specific standards and conventions.

> Organize in digital format drawings and sketches of civil construction

> Prepare spreadsheets of budgets, bills of materials and equipment, unit and total costs;

> Identify machinery and equipment used in Civil Construction for infrastructure

> Specify materials, machinery, equipment and temporary installations necessary for the establishment of construction sites

> Identify alternatives for the conservation of natural resources in building installations

> Supervise services of execution of building facilities

> Propose solutions parameterized by technical and economic feasibility to the problems identified

> Analyse the aggressiveness of the medium and the durability of the constructions.

> Identify the different types of foundation.

> Participate in the preparation of construction organization design, and be responsible for implementing, and actively coordinate with other area.

> Disclose production, technology, quality and safety to the construction team, guide the construction operation on site, and be responsible for the quality of the project under the leadership.

> Participate in the acceptance of each stage, and organize follow-up corrective and preventive measures for quality problems.

> Organize regular inspection and maintenance of buildings in the factory.

> Maintenance of buildings in the operational phase.

> Perform corrective maintenance when necessary.

> Evaluate compliance with the installation and maintenance plan of the construction site

> Act proactively in safety activities. Identify, report and record safety risks such as accidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, etc.

> Perform risk analysis before starting an activity.

> Perform the activities always focusing on the availability of the equipment and identify deviations in components.

> Search for self-development and ask for leadership help when necessary.


Candidate Requirements


To perform this job successfully, an individual must meet the minimum qualifications. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.


Education and/or Experience

- High school diploma and above .






> 跟进国家法规和质量标准,按斯堪尼亚设计标准组织施工。

> 评估基本建筑材料的特性和特性。

> 根据特定标准和惯例制定适用于建筑物领域的技术文本。

> 以数字格式组织土木建筑的图纸和草图

> 编制预算、物料和设备清单、单位和总成本的电子表格;

> 识别用于基础设施的土木建筑的机械和设备

> 指定建立建筑工地所需的材料、机械、设备和临时装置

> 确定在建筑设施中保护自然资源的替代办法

> 监督建筑设施的执行服务

> 根据技术和经济可行性对所发现的问题提出解决方案。

> 分析介质的侵蚀性和结构的耐久性。

> 识别不同类型的粉底。

> 参与施工组织设计的编制,并负责实施,并积极配合其他领域。

> 向施工团队公开生产、技术、质量、安全,指导现场施工作业,在领导下对工程质量负责。

> 参与各阶段验收,组织质量问题后续整改和预防措施。

> 组织对厂内建筑物进行定期检查和维护。

> 处于运营阶段的建筑物维护。

> 必要时执行纠正性维护。

> 评估施工现场安装和维护计划的合规性

> 积极主动地开展安全活动。识别、报告和记录安全风险,如事故、不安全条件、不安全行为等。

> 在开始活动之前执行风险分析。

> 执行活动,始终关注设备的可用性并识别组件中的偏差。

> 寻求自我发展,并在必要时寻求领导帮助。







- 高中及以上学历



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