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Architect- Facilities

  • 江苏省-如皋
  • 生产


Architect, Focus Facilities

- Implement the Facilities Maintenance and Engineering department and act as technical responsible in his/her area of expertise.

- Participate in the design and implementation of the site in Rugao, supporting the construction of building and the acquisition of machines to secure all requirements will be attended, supporting both Facilities and Production streams.

- Defining and document the working methods to attend business demands as well as to comply with Scania and Authorities demands.

- Coordinate the maintenance and spare part preparation.

- Develop local partners to provide operation, maintenance and conservation services.

- Develop the services catalogue.

- Coordinate the training for employees and service providers.

- 实施设施维护和工程部门,并在他/她的专业领域担任技术负责人。

- 参与如皋场地的设计和实施,支持建筑物的建设和机器的采购,以确保所有要求,支持设施和生产流。

- 定义并记录工作方法,以满足业务需求并遵守斯堪尼亚和当局的要求。

- 协调维护和备件准备。

- 发展当地合作伙伴,提供运营、维护和养护服务。

- 制定服务目录。

- 协调对员工和服务提供商的培训。

Competence requirements

- More than 3 years of experience in the same position in manufacturing

- Fluent in written and spoken English

- Good communication skills

- Able to accept training abroad



- 制造业同岗位经验3年以上

- 书面英语可口语流利

- 良好的沟通能力

- 可接受外出培训




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