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Application Support Engineer – DMS

  • 上海-上海市静安区恒通路268号凯德星贸23-24F
  • 学历要求:本科
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 工作经验:1-3年


Responsible for managing system (DMS)after-implementation technical support work, as well as on-site technical processing of software projects;


Responsible for the daily work of system(DMS) maintenance, management, troubleshooting, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the system;


Responsible for serving dealers calls or remote service support and regular onsite visit and training;


Actively learn about the company's newly released software or system version;




Job Description:

Familiar with DMS and understand logic 熟悉DMS并了解逻辑

Introduce DMS concept to new or existing dealer , to make them apply the basic system availability level , motivate dealer to run the DMS project with Scania China project team 向新的或现有的经销商介绍DMS概念,以使他们应用基本的系统可用性级别,激励经销商与Scania China项目团队一起运行DMS项目


ERP(DMS) support experience ERP(DMS)支持经验

Pay attention on system onsite and offsite training , fulfill the standard SLA , help dealer to utilize DMS in right way注意系统现场和现场培训,达到标准的SLA,帮助经销商以正确的方式利用DMS


Good communications skill良好的沟通能力

Establish the efficiency way with dealer to educate and training them to make sure dealer has the necessary skill to utilize DMS , also collection CR from dealer regularly 与经销商建立有效的方式来教育和培训他们,以确保经销商具备使用DMS的必要技能,并定期从经销商处收集CR


Common database experience通用数据库经验

Familiar with common database solution , has the basic logic of database structure , able to design and generate business needs report independently



Quick learner较强的学习能力

Request to support not only for DMS as the business need , as Scania China DMS was integrated with different Central IT system in Sweden , candidate need to learn the knowledge of these system to support not only for dealer but also internal business department 要求不仅支持DMS作为业务需求,因为Scania China DMS已与瑞典的其他中央IT系统集成在一起,求职者需要学习这些系统的知识,不仅可以为经销商提供支持,还可以为内部业务部门提供支持


Your profile:

-                     MSc. In Computer Science or equivalent Computing degree.

-                     Computer-related majors


-                     IT application and system background


-                     At least 2 years ERP(DMS) support working experience (system training & system troubleshooting)


-                     2 years ERP system onsite/offsite training experience


-                     Assertiveness, motivation and sense of responsibility.


-                     Clear logic, fast ability to learn and good communication skills


-                     Experience and interest in data analysis


-                     Good to have experience with integration between the ERP system and other Business applications


-                     Good to have expertise with SQL, XML and preferably also other MS tools


-                     Willing to travel according to business needs (40% or more)




If you think you fit this description and like the idea of joining a environment with great opportunities for professional development,then please contact us.


Send you application via mail to:


Your application should include a covering letter describing why this would be a good step for you in your career and how you will contribute to the group's success and a CV in English.


We look forward to receiving your application.