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Together with our futurists, creatives, design and tech teams, we’re envisioning a more sustainable future of transport. 
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The vision

At Scania, collaboration is paramount: it drives positive change, helping us to thrive as a society. But how will our changing culture affect collaboration?

The Round Table

Our participants discuss what's changing about the culture of collaboration and why it's so essential to past, present and future communities.

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Short story


When Elsi's romantic life leaks into her training of the city’s transport artificial intelligence, she discovers the power of collaboration in finding a solution.

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By Leigh Alexander

On February 26, 2034, the transit communications system for the Green River and Academy districts of the city expressed a peculiar glitch. Below are extracts from the Senior Architects communications logs. 

Displaying AI Transport Update and Incident Log For Green River Academy Central Expression (GRACE).

GRACE’s status is anomalous


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