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Scania Super

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Scania Super 13-litre engine

Serving as the heart of a powertrain that sets a new industry standard for fuel efficiency, the new Scania Super 13-litre inline 6-cylinder engine is the most advanced internal combustion engine we have ever built.

Scania Opticruise G25 & G33 Gearbox

As an integral part of the new powertrain’s superior efficiency, the new Scania Opticruise G25 and G33 gearbox range launches as one of the smoothest, smartest and most efficient gearbox systems in the history of transport.

R756 Rear axle

Introducing a wider gear ratio range, the faster-gearing Scania R756 single reduction rear axle not only exceeds in enabling the exceptional fuel efficiency of the new powertrain, but it is also robust enough to master a whole range of haulage applications.

Modular architecture chassis

As our most versatile and robust chassis yet, the new Scania Modular Architecture Chassis not only offers you a more predictable chassis layout, but it also is made to improve the load distribution, payload potential and operative range of your Scania truck.


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