P250-P310 6x2 Rigid Specifications

P250-P310 4x2 Prime Mover Specifications

P310 8x2 Rigid Specifications

P360-P400 4x2 Prime Mover Specifications

P360-P400 8x4 Front Lift Specifications

P360-P400 8x4 Rigid Specifications

P360-P400-P440 6x2 Specifications

P400 8x4 Rigid Specifications

P400-P440 6x4 Specifications

P400-P440 8x4 Rigid Specifications

P440 6x4 Specifications


G440-G480 6x2 Specifications

G440-G480 6x4 Specifications

G440-G480 8x4 Rigid Specifications


R480 6x4 Specifications

R500-R560-R620 Specifications

R730 6x4 Prime Mover Specifications

R730 8x4 Prime Mover Specifications


Scania Longhaul Brochure

Scania Forestry Brochure

Scania Rescue Vehicle Brochure



Higer A30 4x2 School Bus Specifications

K City 4x2 City Bus Specifications

K Charter 4x2 School Bus Specifications

K Luxury Coach 6x2 Specifications

K Arctic City Bus Specifications

K 3 Axel City Bus Specifications

Mining Bus Specifications



Industrial Engines Specifications

Industrial Engine and Genset Installation Manuals

    Cooling System - Issue 8

    Engine - Issue 8

    Exhaust System - Issue 10

    Fuel System - Issue 6-1

    Intake and Ventilation System - Issue 8

    SCR System - Issue 13-1

    Technical Data - Issue 7

Marine Engines Specifications

Marine Installation Manuals

    Cooling System - Issue 7

    Engine - Issue 6

    Exhaust System - Issue 7

    Fuel System - Issue 5

    Intake and Ventilation System - Issue 3

    SCR System - Issue 1

    Technical Data - Issue 13

Power Generation Engine Specifications

Scania Gensets Specifications

Electrical System Manuals

    CAN Interface - Issue 6-3

    Coo + Base 1 System - Issue 7

    Electrical System - Issue 7

    Fault codes DM1 - Issue 6

    Instrumentation2-0 - Issue 5



Scania Uptime - Summer 2016

2017 Scania Parts Solutions Brochure



Scania Finance Brochure



Scania Truck Gear

Scania Merchandise Selection