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Scania On Sustainable Transport

Scania Sustainable Truck Transport

Scania Sustainable Bus Transport



P280 6x2 Rigid Specifications

P320 6x2 Rigid Specifications

P320 8x2 Rigid Specifications

P340 Gas 6x2 Rigid Specifications

P450 6x2 Specifications

P450 6x4 Specifications


G450 6x2 Specifications

G450-G500 6x4 Specifications

G500 XT 6x24 Rigid Specifications


R500-R560-R620 Specifications

R500 6x4 Prime Mover Specifications

R520-R620 6x4 Prime Mover Specifications

R650 6x4 Specifications

R730 6x4 Prime Mover Specifications



Higer A30 4x2 School Bus Specifications

K City 4x2 City Bus Specifications

K Charter 4x2 School Bus Specifications

K Luxury Coach 6x2 Specifications

K Arctic City Bus Specifications

K 3 Axel City Bus Specifications

Mining Bus Specifications

Touring Bus Brochure



Industrial Engines Specifications

Industrial Engine and Genset Installation Manuals

    Cooling System - Issue 11

    Engine - Issue 9

    Exhaust System - Issue 11

    Fuel System - Issue 8

    Intake and Ventilation System - Issue 10

    Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment - Issue 16

    Technical Data - Issue 8

Marine Engines Specifications

Marine Engines Brochure

Marine Installation Manuals

    Cooling System - Issue 8

    Engine - Issue 7

    Exhaust System - Issue 9

    Fuel System - Issue 7

    Intake and Ventilation System - Issue 4

    SCR System - Issue 4

    Technical Data - Issue 16

Power Generation Engine Specifications

Scania Gensets Specifications

Electrical Installation Manuals

    CAN Interface - Issue 10

    Coo + Base 1 System - Issue 7

    Electrical System - Issue 10

    Fault codes DM1 - Issue 6

    Instrumentation 2-0 - Issue 7

    Instrumentation 2.1 - Issue 2



Scania Uptime - Edition 15 

Driver Services Brochure

Scania Dealer Directory - Jan 2019

Scania Flexible Maintenance

Scania Repair & Maintenance Agreements

Scania Accessories - Edition 2019

Scania Parts Solutions Brochure 2019

Scania Connected Services Brochure

2019 Scania Preventative Maintenance



Scania Finance Brochure