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Sustainable transport

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Fuels for a cleaner future

Climate change is undeniable, and is largely driven by the release of carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. The inevitable effects are visible on Earth today. We all have a responsibility to stop global warming, and to succeed, all forces must be engaged. That is why Scania incorporates sustainability into each tailored solution we offer and everything we do, from research and development to products and services.

While electrified vehicles might be the best alternative for some, biogas or HVO will be the only option for others. In order to meet your specific demands, such as driving at night or in low-emission zones, Scania offers the widest range of alternative fuels in the industry. 



​Our view of transport enables us to engineer low-carbon solutions founded on three cornerstones: alternative fuels, energy efficiency and smarter transport .


To ensure we can meet every demand, Scania is proud to offer the widest range of alternative fuels in the industry.

Energy efficiency

With profitability being the main goal for your tailored solution, energy efficiency is a must and therefore top priority. Scania Ecolution is our most comprehensive and powerful means of improving your fuel efficiency.

Smarter transport

With connected services, such as Scania Fleet Management and Remote Diagnostics, you can optimise your fleet to perfection and reduce your operating costs.


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