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Quiet and safe

Customised design

The P-series has excellent visibility and driveability, improving both safety and the feeling of control. The P-cab offers easy cab access, a quiet working environment and improved space and storage.

Tailored features

Driver’s area
Interior design
Exterior design

Scania city safe window

In cramped conditions, it may be difficult to see obstacles and vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists around the vehicle, in particular close to the corner of the vehicle on the passenger side.
The optional city safe window low down on the passenger door improves the chance of detecting children, pedestrians and cyclists near the truck. Furthermore, features such as the new positioning of the driver seat, lowered side window and larger glass surface, offer even greater visibility. The dashboard has also been lowered slightly to enhance forward visibility.

Best driver station in its class

Urban driving involves many starts and stops, repeated climbing in and out of the cab, and the constant need to keep track of other vehicles and pedestrians around the truck while driving. This may be both stressful and challenging.
The new Scania P-series is renowned for being handy in many different applications and operations. Entrance to the cab is low, with convenient handles that make it easy to climb in and out. The driver sits high and has a good view of the traffic ahead.


Maximised comfort

The new cab and cab suspension have been totally redesigned, reducing vibrations to maximise comfort. The driver seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to find your perfect driving position.

My daytime office

A premium working cab with easy access, incredible storage options and world-class resting possibilities. With an optimised dashboard and on-board entertainment, life on the road just got more comfortable.

Cab space

Room for extra equipment

Working long hours like your drivers do, they might need to bring additional equipment, both personal and work-related. Either way, our cabs are equipped with smart storage facilities enabling them to stock up without the cab feeling cramped. 

Lower engine tunnel

The 7-litre engine makes the engine tunnel a whole 95 mm lower than in a regular P-cab, improving cross-cab access and creating a more spacious interior feel. It is a great choice when operating in dense traffic which necessitates access for entry and exit through the passenger door. 


Optimised air flow

Front, roof, side, underbody – all areas have been analysed, redesigned and optimised to achieve the lowest possible air drag. The shape of the cab and its corners, all gaps and angles have been narrowed and streamlined to achieve more efficient air flow and dynamic flow of lines.

Integrated lighting

The lighting is one of the most prominent features of your truck, enhancing both its appearance and safety levels. As part of the basic configuration, position lights and extra lights are now integrated into the cab, without having a negative impact on aerodynamics.

Easy access

Smart storage space that can be accessed from both inside and outside the cab. Available for both day and sleeper cabs.

Fit for urban operation

No matter if your mission is the one of fire and rescue, waste handling and recycling, airport support or urban or regional distribution, we stand ready to tailor a solution to take on your task.

Delivering new city solutions

Tools to meet your demands

With the many chassis, engine and cab combinations you can specify your vehicle with the right tools for your operation.


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