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The world urgently needs to break the link between increasing demand for transport and increasing carbon emissions, noise, congestion and road accidents.


The new Scania 770 has improved energy efficiency with lower fuel consumption. This translates to lower emissions per transported ton. Like all our Euro 6 engines in the V8 range, the 770 can run on renewable HVO fuel and Biodiesel.


The updated Scania 770 is characterised by impressive power, performance and productivity. It brings fuel efficiency to the next level and sets a new standard with high residual value and better uptime.


We offer the widest selection of output levels on the market in the high power segment, with the possibility of using renewable fuels. Which makes it possible to enjoy the unique benefits of driving a V8 regardless of your operation. For V8 lovers, 770 is the new magic number. But with a massive 3700Nm (2730 lbft) of pulling power, it’s the torque that will get you up and over the hills efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. Scania V8 - powerful engines with a sound out of the ordinary.

Updated with a unique dark grey V8 grille and a new chromed front roof trim.

When you drive the new Scania V8 770, you are driving a premium truck with a premium engine. And that extends inside the cabin as well. It’s part of the unique driving experience that only a V8 can create. Where a driver with high demands not only gets built-in quality and outstanding power, but also a distinctive way of expressing it. The Scania V8 770hp offers an exclusive V8 styling package giving you the opportunity to make a personal statement.

Lower weight – More Load


When adding more power and torque to the 770 we’ve also been able to reduce the weight by 75kg. The weight reductions will enable an increase in payload and energy  

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