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Wood Chip Transport


We understand the unique challenges of the road ahead and how they affect your payload – from driving up and down rough forest roads, to travelling long distances on the highways. Next generation Scania trucks and services give you all the custom-fit choices you need.


Total vehicle efficiency


Maximise time on the road

Fuel Efficiency

Save more, go further

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Fuel Efficiency

Cut costS, increase revenue

Increasing productivity depends on your cycle and the quality of the road. Short distances often mean rough road conditions and call for robustness. Whereas long distances require a weight-optimised vehicle, which adds several kilos to your payload. Here’s how you can address these two needs, both individually and collectively.

Body adaptability

The Bodywork Communication Interface (BCI) connects your truck to its bodywork so they can communicate with each other. This option programs the safety features, plus additional features, when using the power take-off and other bodywork. 

Handling and stability

The new repositioned front axle comes with a new, improved suspension that will enable quick, accurate steering feedback and response. In addition, for vehicles that travel on rougher roads, the correct traction on the tyres is crucial to improving manoeuvrability even more. 

Brake efficiency

Disc brakes with an Electronically-controlled Brake System (EBS) improve both safety and payload – the perfect choice when hauling wood chip. New brake callipers, combined with improved brake actuation and a repositioned front axle, improve braking distance. 


You work to constant deadlines due to the deterioration of the woodchip you’re hauling – so you need on-time performance from a truck you trust. Trust Scania know-how to reduce your unplanned downtime. Here are a few ways how.


With more than 18,000 professionals and 1,600 workshops in our worldwide service network, you’re certain to find a local Scania dealer along your daily route. They’re open at flexible hours, specialise in heavy vehicles and are equipped with all the critical parts needed for roadside breakdowns. 

Maintenance contract with flexible plans

How every truck is used can differ over time. That’s why Scania services them individually. Our new standard for maintenance contracts analyses vehicle data to pinpoint what needs servicing and when. For further flexibility, preventive replacements of components, such as alternators or batteries, can be added at a monthly rate. 

Financing solutions

Scania helps you optimise your financing costs, cash flow and tax by setting up the best financial plans. This can contribute substantially to uptime, and enables predictable costs and manageable risks across the entire lifecycle. Unlike the high street banks, our team of professionals are experts in the financing side of the transport business.  


Look past the initial price tag and you’ll see that Scania offers far-reaching value. For example, through improved fuel-efficiency, your operation can save money and the environment. Here’s an idea of what Scania can do for your business.


The new generation comes with improved roof and side air deflectors, as well as an improved cab front design that reduces air drag. This is only a taste of the aerodynamic improvements that this generation has to offer and that will enhance your fuel economy. 

Engine improvements

Our engines are already renowned for being fuel efficient. Now new radiators, improved injectors and combustion chambers have made them even better. The new 2.35 rear axle ratio also means reduced engine speed which leads to reduced fuel consumption. 

Active Prediction

Combining Opticruise with Active Prediction enables you to save even more fuel –thanks to GPS prediction of the topography of the road ahead. This adjusts the cruise speed before an ascent or descent. The system has been proven to save up to two percent of fuel, with less than a two-minute loss, during a full day’s driving. 


A tailor-made solution from Scania grows your money.

Far-reaching value

It’s how your business benefits in the long run; what you gain by the end of the journey. You’ll learn how this value applies to your business when you meet with your local Scania dealer. Here’s a hint of what they might show you:

Fuel efficiency

While too little servicing may lead to unexpected and costly stops, too much of it results in a loss of productivity. Until now, mixed routes and changing cargos made it difficult to predict the ideal time for servicing. Our Scania Maintenance with flexible plans will help you find the perfect timings for servicing your vehicle. By continuously analysing your vehicle data, we are able to identify and act on your servicing needs before they occur. 

We’ve already highlighted several ways of reducing the weight of an unladen vehicle. This enables the payload – and likewise the revenue – to increase proportionally. The following example shows how opting for aluminium rims and decreasing your chassis weight by 100 kg will impact your payload.

  • Decrease in chassis weight: 100 kg
  • Journeys per year: 1,000
  • Payment: 10 € / tonnes 
  • 100 kg extra: + 1,000 € / year


Fuel represents a relatively high share of your operating costs – often around 25–30 percent. Scania Driver Services is a powerful solution that will improve your fuel economy. Investing in your drivers, even the most experienced ones, has been proved to result in a minimum of six percent in fuel savings.

  • Consumption: 30 l / 100 km
  • Annual distance: 270,000 km
  • Cost of diesel: 1 €
  • Total fuel cost per year: 81,000 € / year
  • 6% reduction: - 4,860 € / year

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