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You know how competitive your market is. You’ve worked hard to build your customer base and harder to build a reputation for reliability, safety and compliance. That’s also why you purchased a Scania truck. Maybe it was the latest technology, perhaps it was the fuel efficiency or it could’ve been the safety features. Ultimately it was because you knew it wouldn’t let you down which meant you wouldn’t fail your customer.

But like everyone else what you didn’t know was the world would confront a pandemic, nor could you foresee the effect it would have on the global economy. And now, like most small to medium size businesses, you’re dealing with cash flow stress and reassessing every cost your business incurs.

And whilst some changes will have to be made in order to survive, one thing you will never risk is your reputation. But where do you find the money to do the scheduled maintenance or make necessary repairs? The work that needs to be done to keep your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency is as important as it’s ever been.

Scania understands a true business partner is one you can rely on. One that understands your operation and is prepared to share the pain a downturn can bring. So in response to the Covid-19 upheaval and in conjunction with Scania Finance Australia we’re introducing our “Workshop Funding” product. Basically if you support our workshops, we’ll support you.


This product provides short-term financing for invoiced work undertaken by any of the Scania workshops across Australia.

General terms of the offer include:-

·         Covers invoiced work from Scania

·         Amounts from $3,000 to $50,000

·         Financed amount not to exceed 120% of assessed market value of vehicle

·         Available for approvals up to 30th September 2020

So allow Scania and SFA the opportunity to work with you through these difficult times.

To ensure you preserve your cash flow, maintain your revenue stream and enhance your reputation.

Call Scania Finance Australia on 1300 695 226 or contact your local Scania Account Manager for more details.

The information provided on this website is general in nature only and does not constitute personal financial advice. Before making any decision, it is important for you to seek appropriate legal, tax, and other professional advice. Finance available to approved business customers of Scania Finance Australia Pty Ltd 32 609 637 596 only, standard credit assessment, lending criteria and fees apply. Contact Scania Finance for further detail.


Scania workshop covid-19 precautions

Scania has worked hard during this crisis to reduce the risk of spreading the infection both internally and externally. A risk mitigation programme was initiated mid-March which included:

  • Ban on staff travelling between Scania branches (to avoid cross-infecting)


  • Working from home where possible (applicable mainly to back office staff)


  • Regular disinfecting of workplace surfaces


  • Disinfecting of vehicles prior to returning to customer


  • Observing social distancing and high levels of personal hygiene etc



All these steps have helped to ensure a safe environment for you to visit our branches and have your vehicle serviced by our workshop. They’ve also ensured that to date Scania nationally has not recorded one positive case of Covid-19.

Scania Australia’s strength in our capacity to support you comes from the flexibility of owning our own workshops in each state.

We will continue to work hard to ensure a safe environment both for our employees and customers.