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Scania Hybrid

Avaliable in two versions

Driving the transition means moving forward – sometimes a step at a time, sometimes inhuge leaps. Finally launching our new hybrid can probably be categorised as a major leap. Available in two versions, we consider it a symbol of industry evolution. A fully electrified future is still some time away. Fortunately, the hybrid is not. It’s a sustainable solution right here, right now.

Why go Hybrid

Scania’s new hybrid trucks can operateday and night in challenging urban environments. This opens up a world of opportunities for urban customers conducting night-time transport or operating in zero emission zones where adaptability and flexibility are of the essence.

Choosing a hybrid truck is also a statement that sets the tone for your whole business and makes your company a lot more attractive than your competitors.

Combined with HVO fuel the CO2 emission is reduced with up to 92% reduction. The five-cylinder 9-litre diesel engine can run on HVO, biodiesel/FAME or diesel in parallel with the electric machine that generates 130 kW and 1,050 Nm.

In electrical drive the noise level is well below 72dB opens up possibilities for night-time deliveries. Hybrids with Scania zone facilitate seamless compliance with emission and speed regulations in specific zones.

Meet the Hybrids


The Scania hybrid truck is the first heavy truck with the Euro 6 Diesel Engine. Our latest hybrid technology allowing you to make a real, sustainable difference in your daytime and night-time business. It offers the same uptime and foreseeable need for maintenance as conventional Scania trucks, but when you add electric zero tailpipe emission capabilities, it turns into a tool that provides a sustainable transport solution like no other comparable truck.

Plug-in Hybrid

Our plug-in option means that the truck can always start its work – fully charged. In addition, complimentary charging can be carried out during the driver’s shift while the truck is parked for loading or unloading, or while they are resting. It takes about 20 minutes to fully charge the battery witha regular power supply. Even more fuel and CO2 savings can be achieved this way.

Charging service

With our electrified hybrids on the market and with the Scania Charging Service, we are taking the next step towards a total solution for our electrified customers. As of today, you can entrust us with the preparation, delivery and installation of your owncharging post. The service is delivered in partnership with Webasto, whose expertise and support you can continue to access after the installation.

Hybrid service contract

At Scania, we are as proud of our vehicles as we are of the services that keep their wheels turning. With the launch of our electric hybrids, and with an electrified future on the horizon, we are happy to introduce our Scania Hybrid Contract, a service solution that ensures and delivers optimal uptime for our electrified vehicles. Contact your dealer for more information.

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