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G 500 6X4 Prime Mover

When you’re looking for a great all-rounder, the Scania G-cab is the ideal solution. It’s sized and powered ideally for single trailer or medium-weight B-double work, so it can be used on daily metro delivery or inter- or intra-state line-haul routes. As the mid-size cab in the range it has plenty of space, yet is easy to access and exit multiple times per day. The cab has excellent visibility, even more comfort than before, and plenty of storage space. The Scania G-cab is the premium choice for a multitude of applications. And it’s not just the perfect solution for line-haul, the G-cab makes light work of the toughest construction tasks as well.


Fuel Efficiency
Driver Comfort


The New Truck Generation G-cab is aerodynamically superior to the G-cab it replaces, lowering fuel use and reducing wind-noise entering the cabin. Add in efficiency-optimised engines and gearboxes, as well as smart fuel-saving systems such as Eco-Roll, Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Prediction, and a more powerful hydraulic Retarder, and you have the recipe for a far more cost-effective member of your fleet. Plus Scania offers a range of contract maintenance and vehicle monitoring systems to further enhance your Total Operating Economy. Can you really afford not to put the G 500 to the test?




Driver comfort has a direct impact on driver safety, and there are few drivers who have anything but praise for the accommodation provided behind the wheel of a Scania. Excellent outward and rearward visibility from the large screen and side windows, plus reprofiled A-pillars and repositioned door mirrors ensure a commanding view of the road. Highly adjustable seating position and steering wheel angle make it easy to find the sweet spot that makes a day’s driving far less fatiguing.


The Scania G 500 can be ordered in Euro 5 or Euro 6 compliance to customer request, while all diesel engines can be run on 10% biodiesel with no additional modifications. Engines can be specified to run on 100% biodiesel, or bioethanol or a variety of alternative low emission fuels. Scania is driving the shift towards a sustainable transport future in Australia by signing alternative fuel supply MOUs with a variety of suppliers. And with at least a 5% real world fuel saving available across the range of New Truck Generation Scanias, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint just by switching to our new range.


Scania’s New Truck Generation is the world’s safest truck, thanks to its adoption across the range of driver and passenger side rollover curtain airbags. No one else can offer these potentially life-saving safety features. When added to Scania’s traditional and now further improved high levels of cab structural safety, excellent outward and rearward visibility and active and passive safety systems, including Advanced Emergency Braking, a Scania will give you unbeatable peace-of-mind that your drivers and their cargo are protected to the highest level. 


When Scania designed its new cab it looked to aviation and luxury passenger cars for inspiration, and the results are plain to see – literally. Not only is information presented with great clarity, but controls are grouped logically and are easy to find.

The wing-shaped dashboard top has been lowered to increase forward visibility.

Cabin acoustics calm the interior environment, while a larger screen for the audio, communication and navigation systems make it easier to use.

The all-digital dash can be customized to display what you need to know.


Output Torque Fuel Emission technology Engine PTO
500 hp
2550 Nm
600 Nm

"For a single truck operator the profit margin is pretty slim and fuel is basically 50 per cent of the running costs, so to make extra money on the job we had to look at what we could do to improve our bottom line. Better fuel economy was the thing that kept jumping out at us so we investigated the European gear and from what we could see Scania, in particular, came out on top."

Dave McCullagh

Tasmanian owner-operator

Customised Solutions

The added benefits of customized specialist financing, insurance, fleet management, driver training and service contracts are examples of how we consider your business success our first and foremost goal. We are with you all the way.

Download G500 brochure here.                      Download G500 spec sheet here.

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