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Over the past 4 years, Sydney-based container solutions company Swift Transport has purchased around 50 new Scania trucks, with the most recent being a fleet of 17 New Truck Generation G 450, G 500 and new G 540 examples, all powered by Scania’s Euro 6 six-cylinder engines.

“I have lost count of how many Scanias we have on the fleet,” says Michael Volonakis, Swift Transport’s Director of International Business Development.

The business specialises in transporting containers that arrive into the port at Sydney, offering transport throughout NSW and Australia more broadly. Swift Transport offers container transport and warehouse storage, deliveries via side-loaders, skels and B-doubles as well as via some newly acquired A-double sets. The company prides itself on ensuring shipments are delivered safely, on-time and seamlessly.

“Our trucks cart full container loads, running standard trailer deliveries, standard trailer – drop trailer deliveries, side-loader deliveries, B-double transfers to and from wharf as well as to clients,” Michael says. “Our newest addition are some A-double trailers handling all the wharf – depot – wharf movements.

“We selected the Scania 450 hp prime movers to handle single trailer and some side-loader work and they do it with ease. The 500 hp version is best suited to B-double activities and some side-loaders. They just make life so easy for our drivers. Most recently we have added the new 540 hp engine versions, and these are used for B-double and A-double work. The extra power means the truck handles all our specialised weight criteria work, and performs exactly as expected, that is, perfectly.

“These Scanias really perform in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability: they are second to none in my opinion. If trucks had driven, stopped and handled this well back when I was driving, well I would probably still behind the wheel,” Michael says.

Swift has had four years to appreciate the many benefits of Scania ownership, primarily, of course, the excellent total operating economy.

“We are a business, so running costs are very important, as well as purchase price, retained value, and of course complete driver satisfaction.

“For our business the predictability of running costs delivered by the Scania Repair and Maintenance contract is a no brainer. Nothing is worse than an unexpected repair bill, but with the Scania R & M contracts, well ... there are no surprises,” he says.

“We also take advantage of the Scania driver training programme and of course finance through Scania Finance Australia. We love package deals, and if you want to sell a package, you must first have a package worth selling.”

Scania New South Wales’ Senior Account Manager New Trucks, Kaashief Boonzaier says that the relationship with Swift Transport has been carefully nurtured over the long term, for the long term.

“Over the past four years we have built up a good business relationship with Swift Transport. We understand that Swift values uptime and reliability to better support their clients. Our strategic selling process has proven a huge success with their organisation, and Swift currently utilises all the services Scania has to offer, to better assist with their business requirements, from Scania Finance to the Repair and Maintenance contracts,” he says.

“We’re not just selling them trucks, but a business ecosystem to help their business run better.”

Swift Transport