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Time is Money

Time is money, and fuel is money, so if switching to Scania V8 power saves both time and money, the decision is fairly straightforward.

Iconic family-owned and operated Canberra business Ablett’s Transport has been trading in the region for close to 60 years, and today uses a mix of vehicle brands to move timber, recycling materials as well as dry goods for national retail chains and building materials such as bricks and tiles.

Driver Steve Johnson plies the Canberra-Melbourne-Canberra route regularly and was an early convert to the performance and ability of the one of the two new Scania V8s. He says that his new Scania V8 pulling a B-double has been achieving a 17 percent fuel saving, while the hill-climbing power of the 16.4-litre V8 helps him shave almost one hour from a typical run.

Both are significant savings in terms of running costs, reduced trip times and driver fatigue, leading to safer road transport.

“The full air suspension with on-board weight scales make it the most comfortable option with reduced noise, vibration and roughness all adding to reduce fatigue. The benefit is a healthier, happier driver,” Steve says.

Providing on-paper financial benefits to a customer is one aspect of the Scania sales job, but for Ablett’s, convincing the driver group was another important consideration.

“Scania made it easy for us with the test trucks,” says Duncan Ablett, Managing Director of Ablett’s Transport. “It’s important we win the drivers over. We gain acceptance by putting drivers in the trucks and letting them see for themselves what the trucks can do.”

Drivers do need to be shown how to get the best form the technology in the vehicles, he says.

“Drivers may just want to get from A-to-B, yet some guys are really conscious of fuel savings.”

Ablett’s has a strong focus on driver and road safety and are accredited to several of the national standards. The company services and maintains its own fleet but is happy with the Scania five years/500,000 km maintenance programme that comes with retail market vehicles.

“We are very happy to be supplying Ablett’s with Scania V8s to pull their B-doubles,” says Scania’s ACT-based Account Manager, Stephen Duffy.

“The trucks pull big weights and are traversing hilly areas and are delivering exceptional fuel savings, which is important to operators’ bottom lines in any financial year, and even more so in these unprecedented times.

“Being able to save both money on fuel and reducing journey times, is good for the driver and good for the operator and in a general sense, provides for safer driving conditions for everyone.

“These trucks have changed perceptions about Scania. They go well, look good, saves money and time, and everyone is happy. It is real success story.

“Ablett’s is a good example of how easy it is to show off the benefits of the product not only to the people running the business but to the drivers as well. All drivers are keen to arrive early and safe,” Stephen says.

Albett's Transport