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ScreedPro expands, powered by Scania trucks

Building on initial success with Scania power, ScreedPro is accelerating its fleet growth

Nation-wide supplier of screed for flooring in new builds and refurbishment, ScreedPro, is enjoying so much success with its fleet of Scania prime movers pulling its bespoke mobile screed manufacturing and pumping trailers, that it has ordered seven additional prime movers to integrate with a further tranche of the custom trailers.

The second batch of Scania trucks will be powered by the 450 hp six-cylinder engine and will be rolled out progressively through 2020.

“As the fleet grows, we’ll be adding new specialist variants to the trailer technology,” said ScreedPro National Sales Manager, Les Stockdale.

“We have been successful in deploying our existing trailers into the building industry and now we can see additional niches where slightly different trailer configurations can be used.

“We think the new 450 hp engine will suit the profile of these new trailers well, and the extra power will increase our productivity and capacity as the business moves into this next phase of growth.

“We’re also opting for a Sleeper Cab now, as our range of operations is stretching further from our depots in capital cities to regional centres, as word of our unique screed-making machinery spreads,” he said.

The ScreedPro difference is that the screed pump trailer’s computer controls the screed manufacture and then pumps it exactly where the tilers need it, saving time and reducing waste. Because the screed is no longer mixed by hand, the quality and output is increased and numerous safety risks are eliminated. The computer monitors and constantly adjusts every aspect of the mix recipe to ensure it is consistent and correct throughout the day.

“The Scania trucks have been very well received by our drivers who love the visibility and the turning circle, and the Opticruise gearbox with its crawler gears,” Les said.

“All of this technology, which integrates seamlessly with the steering axles and reversing cameras on the trailers makes it a lot easier to position the trailer as close as possible to where it is needed on site. This reduces risk of damage as well as speeding up delivery of the screed for the customer, helping them to reduce their costs and improve their working efficiency as well,” he said.

“Scania has been incredibly helpful to us throughout our entire design and construction process both in the specification of our trucks, but also in the design of and integration with our pump trailers.

“Mark Port at Scania Kewdale and his team have helped us every step of the way, figuring out what we would need and how the trailer systems could integrate seamlessly with the trucks, as well as ensuring we were PBS and other regulations-compliant,” Les said.

“We’re now so well integrated with the Scania team that the Scania Prestons branch is now responsible not only for delivery of our truck but also for the commissioning works on our pump trailers so that as construction completes, the truck and trailer combination leaves the Scania workshop as an integrated, complete unit. It has saved us a huge amount of time and delivered us a much more streamlined and improved quality commissioning stage to our construction program. I don’t think that anyone other than Scania would have stuck their hand up to not only help throughout the design and construction process, but to take responsibility for the commissioning of our trailers. 

“In operation, Scania will be responsible for servicing the trailer from the chassis down, as well as the prime mover, which also helps save us downtime,” he said.

According to Mark Port, Scania WA’s Regional Sales Manager, the cooperation between Scania and ScreedPro has been deep and mutually beneficial.

“We have worked hard with ScreedPro to support them through the highly complex process of bringing their pump trailer fleet to reality as they expanded Australia-wide. When we first started working together, ScreedPro told us they needed much more than a truck supplier, they needed a partner to help deliver a fully integrated solution for their new technology and it has been an extremely exciting and rewarding project to contribute to.

“Now that the word is spreading within the construction and tiling community across Australia about how efficient and professional the ScreedPro system is, it is not surprising they have returned to Scania to deepen their relationship for the next phase of construction and fleet rollout.

“As ScreedPro orders more trucks and builds more pump trailers, through the Scania network of company-owned branches we can provide high quality pre-delivery service as well as on-going maintenance to enhance their uptime and therefore profitability,” Mark said.

“This level of cooperation from the conceptualisation stage all the way through to full working life care is what Scania can provide to its customers, thanks to our know-how and can-do attitude at our company-owned network of branches.”

ScreedPro has been shortlisted as finalists for the premier award of Supplier of the Year in the 2020 Australian Construction Awards. The company says the shortlisting is a testament to the outstanding work of its team in the implementing its Australia-wide expansion and roll out of the fleet and achieving such a high level of recognition in such a short period of time.