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Brisbane cleans up with Scania

Cleanaway, one of the largest waste collection businesses in Australia is assisting Brisbane City Council, by transporting non-recoverable general waste from four resource recovery stations to landfill sites in a fleet of Scania trucks.

There are 12 x R 560 V8s and 6 x G 480 six-cylinder diesel-powered prime movers, hooked up to bulk tippers and rear ejector loaders. The G 480s were tasked with pulling 22-tonne payloads in the single trailer rear ejectors, and 33-tonnes in the high-volume side tipper B-double trailers pulled by the V8s.

“The key criteria for the prime mover selection centred around reliability, flexibility of the trucks to undertake a wide variety of tasks, plus allow for an increase in payload as the amount of waste increases over time, in line with population growth,” said Scania National Fleet Manager, Steven Alberse.

“One of the key attractions of the Scania offer was the Driver Support System that scores the drivers on their driving smoothness and anticipation, as well as the Scania Communicator and vehicle monitoring system which allows our customer to analyse how the vehicles are being used and how well the drivers are performing,” Steven says.

According to Shannon Gorman, Cleanaway’s Landfill and Logistics Manager at the Brisbane City Council Resource Recovery and Innovation Alliance, Solid Waste Services, a review of the performance of the vehicles involved in the contract provided a satisfying opportunity to reflect on the significant achievements since the start of the contract.

“Brisbane’s waste transport task is extraordinary. It is best described as a high-volume complex spoke and hub reverse logistics chain with an equally complex operating rhythm,” Shannon says.

“At Cleanaway we had initially undertaken a comprehensive review of the Brisbane haulage task as a component of the tender and mobilisation, identifying potentially significant opportunities for productivity gains through modelling and asset configuration.

“I am proud to say that these gains have been realised. The bespoke Scania high productivity multi-combination bulk waste transport vehicles have had a profound influence on the productivity, efficiency, safety and ultimate success of the essential waste services delivered to the city of Brisbane,” he says.

“To provide context to the extraordinary scale of the task, the statistics affirm the narrative. We safely and efficiently transported 500 kilo-tonnes of waste over 1.2 million km throughout capital city traffic in the first year of the contract.

“We believe that this bespoke high productivity fleet is the safest waste transport fleet in Australia.

“Operating at Higher Mass Limits (HML) the fleet moves more waste in fewer trips, equating to less congestion, reduced emissions and overall lower impact on Brisbane’s road network,” Shannon says.

“The fleet also boasts a world-class, industry-leading, integrated in-cabin telematics system providing the highest possible standards of safety compliance, route efficiency, vehicle management and reliability.”

With Mass Management and Maintenance accreditation Cleanaway has comprehensive quality management systems, comprehensive driver training programs, industry-leading maintenance systems, as well as fully-independent auditing of the entire system.

“At Cleanaway, we are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. We believe that all workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses are preventable; that everyone deserves to go home safe, every day,” Shannon says.

“We strive to achieve GOAL ZERO by making health and safety the first priority in all our business activities. We believe that attaining the highest standards in health and safety is paramount to the success and sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate. 

“Accordingly, it was not simply chance that Cleanaway decided to partner with Scania to deliver this next generation fleet boasting world class safety and market leading performance,” he says.

“It goes without saying that Scania’s offering met our necessary specifications, but the real value proposition was leveraged with Scania’s tailored whole-of-life connected partnership solution.

“This smart and safe connected service platform offered powerful on road insights based on real-time telematics and vehicle performance with predictable maintenance, based on actual usage. This novel technologically advanced fleet management solution was sold to us as an opportunity to increase uptime, improve safety and reduce whole of life operating costs, sparking our interest,” Shannon says.

“With the advantages of harnessing the wave of digital disruption obvious to Cleanaway it made sense to embark on this journey with Scania, an innovator and early adopter of these technologies (big data and the internet of things).

“When our newly-formed driver team got to see, feel and touch their new ‘European designed office’ for the first time, many of them were not familiar with European trucks.

“There was immediate appeal and positive commentary around the sharp looks and ergonomic features of the trucks. After outlining the extensive array of innovative active, passive and in cab support safety features of the trucks, the team was reassured that Cleanaway’s commitment and investment in safety was real,” he says.

These safety features include intelligent in-cab driver telematics, advanced emergency braking, electronic stability control, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a smart camera system.

“In the first month of operation the data-rich output we were receiving was confronting, for the first time ever we had absolute visibility of how our trucks were being driven on the road and to be honest it highlighted some inefficiencies,” Shannon says. 

Scania provided driver training (a part of its ongoing service commitment) and Cleanaway was able to immediately observe a decrease in fuel consumption coupled with improved truck scoring. This scoring was used as an incentivised contract maintenance metric.

The connected service ecosystem provides; intelligent dashboard views, fault identification, remote diagnostics, vehicle tracking, driver and vehicle performance as well as customisable easy to use detailed reporting tools.

“This reporting provides almost everything you could imagine or need to manage up and down a business to optimise a transport operation,” Shannon says. 

“With unparalleled granular visibility to the exact correlation between driving behaviours like anticipation, coasting, gear shifting, acceleration, braking and running costs, it crystallised the ‘true value’ of a good driver to us.

“Recognising the need for a partnership with our drivers, we developed a rewards program to promote good driving behaviour and thank our improving and top performing drivers. We have seen our average score increase greater than 25% over the year, equating to significant financial savings as well as improving safety and environmental outcomes,” he says.

“These newly-formed partnerships between Brisbane City Council, Cleanaway and Scania are flourishing in what is a very challenging environment. Constant changes in technology, legislation, population growth, community expectations and climate change, achieving success is now harder than ever. We are charged with and committed to delivering world class safe and sustainable waste management services to the City of Brisbane.

“I believe the synergies that exist within our collective missions provides a unique alignment for success now and well into the future,” Shannon says.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said Brisbane City Council was delighted to hear the partnership had been a success.

“Council is committed to creating a clean and green Brisbane for residents to enjoy, while ensuring our suburbs have the services and infrastructure to meet the needs of future generations,” Cr Schrinner said.

Cleanaway operates the largest waste collection fleet in the nation and is a market leader in waste management logistics. Cleanaway is proud to have pioneered technologies such as side-arm collection systems for municipal waste and continues to introduce logistical innovations such as electrification of collection vehicles.