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Scania is the new Orange

When Orange Bins’ owner Paul Torbay needed new trucks to move his skip bins, he chose Scania’s 6x2 P 360.

Paul Torbay could have bought a lighter, cheaper truck, but as a successful small business owner who has been running Orange Bins from Padstow in Sydney’s west since 2004, he looks beyond price for value, service and a meaningful relationship with his vehicle supplier.

As he says, “rubbish isn’t cheap,” and that applies as much to the concept of buying a good product first off (to avoid costly repairs down the track from a cheaply-bought vehicle) as to the professional removal of waste products.

In a market segment where obtaining the lowest possible price and not worrying about the aged, polluting trucks that will then deliver the service is often the default setting, Paul Torbay’s Orange Bins are a breath of fresh air. Literally. Paul’s aim is to offer the smartest trucks and the best service, without losing sight of the fact that customers are on a budget; a concept that has proven successful to date.

Paul recently acquired two NTG P 360 6x2 rigids for carting skip bins. These join an older Scania hooklift in his fleet which used to be populated by lighter-duty Japanese brands.

“I was concentrating my fleet on one brand, but the relationship did not deliver for me. I already had a heavier Scania hook, so I made contact (with Scania Prestons).

“The Scania team couldn’t do enough for me, answered all my questions and came up with a specification that suited me. I know the Scania is a heavier truck than the Japanese, but the trade-off is a better ride, quieter cab and greater driver comfort, as well as excellent durability,” Paul says.

“I am driving one of these trucks every day so comfort is important to me for every trip. We also have the weigh scales on the trucks so we know exactly what we’re carrying in terms of weight, to avoid driving overloaded.

“We can do 6-8 bin movements per day, so easy cab access, driving comfort and safety are very important. Also the air suspension allows the truck to be positioned safely and level for bin movement.”

Much of the work is focused on demolition, excavation, building and rubbish removal from residential and business premises as well as building sites. So visibility, manoeuvrability, and being able to cope with congested streets are key buying criteria.

“Our waste bin removal specialists are fully trained in the safe pickup, removal and disposal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or other contaminated wastes,” Paul says.

“We operate a range of skip bins from 2-13 m3 capacity, and hook bins ranging from 10-30 m3.”

Another task for the trucks is to earn their keep as mobile billboards for the business.

“I don’t advertise, so the trucks are our calling card,” Paul says. The orange wrap and the Durabrite wheels and having the trucks washed very regularly make a statement that’s hard to ignore.

“We do get a lot of cold calls for work and that must be from the visual impact of the trucks driving around all day.

“The new Scanias tick all the boxes for me: air suspension all round, disc brakes, plenty of power for the job and the comfortable cab. Some days we can be headed as far south as Wollongong or Nowra, on other days as far west as Katoomba. I’m always happy to go the extra hour for a good customer, and they appreciate the effort,” he says.