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Scania assists Cleanaway head to Goal Zero

Dubbed the ‘safest waste transport fleet in Australia’, 18 Scania trucks have been helping Brisbane City Council and contractor Cleanaway reduce congestion, emissions and boost productivity over the past year.

One year on the from the delivery of 18 new Scania trucks to Cleanaway Waste Management Limited in Queensland, the results show a very positive outcome for all parties concerned.

In July 2018, Cleanaway commenced a new contract with Brisbane City Council to transport non-recoverable general waste from four resource recovery stations to landfill sites, with the aim of reducing environmental impact as much as possible.

The new Scanias were a combination of 12 x R 560 V8 and 6 x G 480 six-cylinder diesel-powered prime movers, pulling new, bespoke bulk tippers or rear ejector loaders. The G 480s were tasked with pulling 22-tonne payloads in the single trailer rear ejectors, and 33-tonnes in the high-volume side tipper B-double trailers.

According to Shannon Gorman, Cleanaway’s Landfill and Logistics Manager at the Brisbane City Council Resource Recovery and Innovation Alliance, Solid Waste Services, a recent review of the performance of the vehicles involved in the contract has been a satisfying opportunity to reflect on the significant achievements over last 12 months operation.

“I am proud to say that these gains have been realised. The bespoke Scania high productivity multi-combination bulk waste transport vehicles have had a profound influence on the productivity, efficiency, safety and ultimate success of the essential waste services delivered to the city of Brisbane,” he says.

“We have safely and efficiently transported 500 kilotonnes of waste over 1.2 million km throughout capital city traffic in just one year.

“We believe that this bespoke high productivity fleet is the safest waste transport fleet in Australia.

“The fleet also boasts a world-class, industry-leading, integrated in-cabin telematics system providing the highest possible standards of safety compliance, route efficiency, vehicle management and reliability.”

“At Cleanaway, we are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. We believe that all workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses are preventable; that everyone deserves to go home safe, every day,” Shannon says.

“We strive to achieve GOAL ZERO by making health and safety the first priority in all our business activities. We believe that attaining the highest standards in health and safety is paramount to the success and sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate. 

“Accordingly, it was not simply chance that Cleanaway decided to partner with Scania to deliver this next generation fleet boasting world class safety and market leading performance,” he says.