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Building on success with Scania

LEGO isn’t the only famous building block supplier. In Australia, G E Hughes Construction Co is building all sorts of infrastructure on the back of the new Scania G 500 tipper.

G E Hughes Construction Co., based in Lobethal, SA is a third-generation family-owned construction business, started by Garry and Sue Hughes in the 1970s, and now run by their eldest son Duane.

The business builds everything from domestic housing to commercial and industrial projects. Renewable projects like solar and wind farms to major infrastructure in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Over the past three years G E Hughes has switched to Scania to power its tipper and dog fleet, with 22 Scanias making up the majority of the fleet of 40 trucks, and providing a range of advantages, such as lower running costs and greater driver happiness and safety.

Four new Euro 6 compliant Scania G 500 tippers, to be hooked up to quad or super dog trailers have recently joined the fleet. They haul up to 56.5-tonnes GCM as a quad, and up to 49.5-tonnes GCM as a super dog, both under PBS Level 2.

“Scania provides us with very safe, reliable, ergonomic trucks that the drivers accept. The Scania offer delivers our business many efficiencies,” says David Kretschmer, Transport Operations Manager at G E Hughes.

“Compared with some of our older trucks, Scania delivers around a 15% saving in fuel costs, while they’re slightly ahead of some other Europeans we have on the fleet, too. We’re seeing 1.9-2.6 km per litre on average, and the Scania telematics is good for keeping us closely in touch with how the vehicles are performing. Overall, we’re seeing the Scanias saving us 5% in fuel costs compared with the rest of the fleet.

“The Retarder is superb. The drivers love them and they have made a significant impact on reducing wear and tear on the braking system,” David says.

“Scania trucks are made in one factory, so you only have one company who warrants all problems and you can easily design the truck to do what you want.”

“Most of the trucks operate within a 100 km radius from our depot.

“While the oldest have only about 300,000 km on them, they are hard km, and they have been reliable for us. If there’s an issue however minor, the Scania Adelaide team is on to it immediately.

“I would say that the relationship we have with Scania is one of the strongest reasons for continuing to buy from them. They are positive and responsive,” David said.

Scania has created a bespoke service agreement solution for the South Australian operation, whereby Scania provides all the replacement parts and G E Hughes workshop carries out the maintenance.

“We were the first in Australia to take on this concept with Scania,” David said. “Downtime has been reduced as a result.”