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As the recycling industry becomes more sophisticated, more sophisticated trucks are required. The new Scania NTG fills the bill for Future Recycling

The recycling world is undergoing major trans-formational changes and Melbourne-based Future Recycling, headed by Tyrone landsman, is at the forefront.

Future Recycling or as it was previously named, Future Metals Recycling, has its roots in Shepparton Victoria. In 2005 Fletcher Metals was purchased to develop the land, but the development of the existing metal recycling business was deemed more lucrative.

Three years later a Melbourne operation commenced in a purpose built facility and Tyrone Landsman joined the company. In 2010 National Metals was acquired and the three sites consolidated into the single entity.

When we last met Tyrone in 2015, Future Metals was recycling in excess of 60,000 tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals annually with a staff of 45.

With the industry undergoing a major revolution, a change of business name to Future Recycling is a reflection of that.

As the name suggests, Future Recycling now encompasses all types of recycling, not just metal, but commercial waste collection work remains an important element of the business.

“As a whole, our business has changed substantially since 2015,” said Tyrone.

“We have diversified a lot and acquired a transfer station in Pakenham. We have also been successful in receiving a government grant so we can change the concept of the transfer station and give it a complete upgrade.

“The way China now accepts recycled product has altered dramatically but in a positive way I believe,” said Tyrone. “It has created opportunities for ourselves and others in the way we furnish and officiate recyclable materials in Australia.

“We have installed a copper granulating machine so when the copper cable comes in we granulate it and process it on site and then export it to China to be recycled once more into a finished product. In a sense we have taken the hard work out of it for the Chinese.

“We plan to recycle 65 per cent of the materials we receive at the transfer station and at present the majority of the work is domestic,” said Tyrone, “but our aim is to double the volume going through the plant, and with the upgrade due for completion in December 2018, we we are making it viable for commercial waste also.”

Scania trucks dominate Tyrone’s 30-strong fleet, as he believes they portray the right image for the Future Recycling brand, and he wants quality uniformity across all consumer and commercial touch points.

Recently Tyrone took delivery of two of the latest-generation R 620 V8 prime movers to cart material from Dandenong, Hallam and Shepparton to Laverton.

“I wanted a powerful versatile truck that could haul a B-double one day and the next day a single trailer for metro work.”

Tyrone cites the attractiveness of the Scania Service Maintenance contract as a decisive factor in the purchase.

“We don’t have a full workshop as it’s not our core business, and while we maintain the trucks in good condition for their lifespan, the Scania Service Maintenance contract is very competitive and comprehensive. The contract basically means we have a partnership with Scania who ensures the trucks are maintained in accordance with regulations and service books.”

Tyrone prides himself on his stable workforce and the drivers in his employ, who look after the trucks as if they were their own. The combination of the professionalism of his drivers and the Scania trucks has proven a winning combination for Future Recycling. 

The latest Scania additions to the Future Recycling fleet are also fitted with the driver monitoring system, and while Tyrone believes it works well, the varying applications from single trailers to B-doubles and highway to metro work doesn’t allow for direct competition among the drivers. But Tyrone was quick to point out that each of the drivers tries to beat their previous score whenever the application is the same.  

”I am sure that it’s contributing to the 2.2-kilometres per litre they are averaging.  And you must remember most of their driving is in and around Melbourne which is a traffic nightmare.”  

Tyrone is pleased with the sales and service provided by Scania and points to his  loyalty as a Scania customer as the best indicator.

“Tyrone has been a great supporter of the Scania product over the years and has been impressed with the performance and reliability of our P-series 8x4 in hook lift application,” says James Lang, Scania Account Manager for New Truck Sales based in Dandenong, Victoria.

“He never has to worry about these trucks, because they are so reliable,” he says.

“We are very happy that Tyrone has embraced the Scania’s Total Transport Solutions concept with his latest purchase, by taking up the Repair & Maintenance contract as well as our control (monitoring) package. We are confident he will very quickly feel the benefit of these solutions in his improved total operating economy,” James says.