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Scania fleet set to clean up in Queensland with Cleanaway

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s largest total waste management solutions company, employing over 5,500 people across Australia.

The company has just taken delivery of 18 new Scania 6x4 prime movers (six G 480s and 12 R 560 V8s) to service a new contract with a major council in Queensland, to transport non-recoverable general waste from four resource recovery stations to landfill sites.

In order to meet the conditions of the contract, Cleanaway needed to secure prime movers able to effortlessly manage the 22-tonne payloads for the single trailer rear ejectors, and the 33-tonne payloads for the high-volume side tipper B-double trailers.

The criteria for the prime mover selection centred around reliability, flexibility of the trucks to undertake a wide variety of tasks, plus allow for an increase in payload as the amount of waste increases over time, in line with population growth.

According to Doug Hughes, Cleanaway South East Queensland Regional Manager Post Collections, Scania was able to meet the critical criteria, which also included a one-stop shop for servicing and maintaining the new trailers as well as the trucks.

“We wanted trucks that were capable of coping with growth, flexible enough to run different trailer set ups if we need, and also have a conveniently located servicing outlet, as we planned to have the servicing of trailers and trucks completed at the same time,” Mr Hughes said.

“We have specified trucks that are able to pull single, B-double or A-double trailers if needed, and they are powerful and capable. They are also comfortable, which is important for our drivers.”

“For the G 480s pulling the single rear ejector trailers, the drivers need to exit the vehicle for loading and unloading, so easy access is important for them. The drivers in the R 560 V8s can operate the side loaders from inside the vehicles, including the powered roll-tarps,” he said.

Safety of course is a key priority for Cleanaway, so these trucks have a full suite of features including Electronic Stability Program, Advanced Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning.

“These vehicles will be on the road approximately 10 hours a day Monday to Friday with some operating on Saturdays, and the volume of material to be transported to landfill sites is consistent, so we need the vehicles to have high availability,” Mr Hughes said.

“We don’t travel significant distances annually, perhaps 100,000 km at most per vehicle per year, but the trucks will be in stop-start traffic when loaded, plus the PTOs will be working hard to run the hydraulics of the rear-ejector rams or the side tippers. We anticipate an 8-year working life for the vehicles.

“We have chosen higher capacity trailers than have been used previously which will give us some additional flexibility with the benefit of fewer journeys each day to transport the waste,” Mr Hughes said.

“One of the attractions of Scania was the Driver Support System that scores the drivers on their driving smoothness and anticipation. We are also using the Scania Communicator and vehicle monitoring system to be able to analyse how the vehicles are being used and how well the drivers are performing.

“There has been positive feedback from the drivers on the star rating system on the dashboard, and we can see a direct correlation between the ability to provide performance feedback to drivers where needed, and a reduction in fuel use and wear and tear, which leads to a cost improvement,” he said.

According to Ben Arthur, Cleanaway’s Alliance Operations Manager who will manage the new contract, Scania trucks have already proven themselves to be solid, stable and reliable work vehicles for other waste removal contracts the company undertakes in South-East Queensland.

“The Cleanaway fleet in SE QLD is considerable, including lighter units for kerbside collections. We utilise some Scanias already for heavy duty hook lift, and front loader services,” Mr Arthur said.

“The Scanias perform very well. They are very reliable, and solidly built, and well suited to heavyweight work applications.”

According to Steven Alberse, Scania National Fleet Manager, the selection of Scania prime movers for the contract makes a lot of sense.

“Around the world Scania is a significant partner with waste transport companies at all levels, from rear load, front load or hook lift collection to bulk industrial waste transport. Our trucks are engineered to cope with these payloads and duty-cycles, and we are confident the 18 new trucks will serve Cleanaway very well in Queensland.

“In addition, by signing on for our maintenance and monitoring programme we and Cleanaway will have a high degree of visibility over the performance of the fleet and drivers, to ensure the vehicles remain available for work, providing maximum uptime.