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A productive Scania worth the weight, now with no waiting

If you have a load on your mind, then the ready-to-roll Scania 8x2 Twin Steer Curtainsider is the ideal solution for all weighty distribution tasks.

Scania is boosting productivity for distribution operators with the P-series 8x2 Twin Steer Curtainsider that permits an additional 5000 kg of payload to be carried in a 9.1m body – compared with a traditional 6x2 configuration. Vehicles are to be available ex-stock for swift delivery.

The 8x2 Twin Steer provides the added benefit of removing worries of front axle overloading or diminishing load imbalances.

Total payload is now 13,900 kg, with space for 14-pallets and a pallet jack on board, enhancing productivity for operators who are often paid by weight delivered, and who may now transport heavier loads per shift.

With Scania on-board scales offering a digital read-out on the dashboard, drivers can tell instantly how much weight they have over each of the four axles, reducing the chance of inadvertent overloading.

Scania has a long and storied reputation for reliability and durability among its rigid P-series range, with the cab/chassis being universally embraced by distribution operators and fire services around the world.

In Australia, the 8x2 Twin Steer configuration has been popular recently with supermarkets, thanks to the high degree of manoeuvrability the impressively tight 11.4 m turning radius provides.

Scania is pre-building supplies of the P 310 Twin Steer model with the GTB Curtainsider body. This means a customer can get access to one of these vehicles from stock. In addition, 6x2 models with the same body will also be available ex-stock (with an 8900 kg payload).

There is also a tail-lift pack from D’Hollandia via GTB, which provides additional levels of flexibility for palletised rear loading.

“Our Scania P-series 8x2 Twin Steer Curtainsider project’s focus was on improving productivity for distribution operators,” says Dean Dal Santo, Scania National Sales Manager. “We can provide a solution with very competitive total cost of operation over the vehicle’s life.

“The Twin Steer configuration means operators need not be so concerned about loading profiles or diminishing load issues putting too much weight over the front axle. This allows for faster loading and unloading, meaning more deliveries are possible per day, earning the operator greater income.

“In addition to our Curtainsider body we can also provide refrigerated bodies which are ideal for transport of perishables. We have recently supplied a major fleet with this specification, and it has been performing very well,” he says. 

“In Queensland we have customers using this specification for beverage distribution, though they have opted for the 360 hp engine, given a higher overall payload and hilly terrain.

“We have known for some time that the 8x2 Twin Steer offering was very well suited to metropolitan and regional distribution work, and now with the ready-built Curtainsider body and the tail-lift, we can provide a total solution.

“This configuration has also been added to the Scania Truck Rental fleet as it provides plenty of flexibility to meet the needs of diverse operators. It also allows potential customers to trial the vehicle before committing to purchase,” Dean says.

A high torque, low revving Euro 5 compliant 310 hp 5-cylinder engine using Selective Catalytic Reduction to meet emissions is one of several available to power the Scania Twin Steer Curtainsider. The truck employs the Scania fully automated (two-pedal) Opticruise gear-change for fatigue-free driving around town and in traffic.

“Our 310 hp engine has been proven in use in Australia to be exceptionally fuel-efficient, with well over 3 km per litre possible in typical usage profiles,” Dean says.

“This is a market that has traditionally focussed on Japanese product, but with our robust chassis, our modular engine range with its torque advantage means the P 310 can get the job done with a lot less fuss, fewer revs and with the driver-oriented benefits of a quieter, more comfortable cab.

“The Scania P-series 8x2 Twin Steer Curtainsider is a valuable tool of trade for fleets of all sizes as well as for smaller independent operators,” he says.