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Scania and TNT awarded in annual PowerTorque honours

PowerTorque Magazine, one of Australia’s leading bi-monthly truck publications, has recognised the combination of Scania Euro 6 technology and TNT’s progressive environmental programme in its annual awards ceremony.

The PowerTorque Technology and Innovation Award for 2015 was presented to TNT National Fleet and Equipment Manager Kurt Grossrieder in Melbourne on June 3rd.

The award follows a special test drive event from Sydney to Melbourne driving a pair of Scania prime movers pulling identically loaded B-double trailer sets, which was undertaken by PowerTorque recently. 

One trailer set was pulled by a Scania P 440 Euro 5 and the second used a Scania P 450 Euro 6. The fuel consumption difference after almost 900 km was 0.17-litres per 100 km, while the AdBlue consumption of the Euro 6 equipped prime mover was half that of the Euro 5 truck, providing a handy saving for any fleet operator.

“We are very pleased to see PowerTorque undertake this comparison test, the first of its type in Australia, and delighted to see TNT recognised for being an early adopter of clean and green Euro 6 compliant vehicles,” says Ron Szulc, Scania Australia Brand and Communications Manager.

“Unlike Europe, Australia has not yet mandated the introduction of Euro 6, but as a leader in clean technology Scania has been offering a range of Euro 6 solutions for some time and TNT added several Scania Euro 6 vehicles to its fleet last year. 

“This test underscores our position that being environmentally conscious does not impact on running costs, in fact the test proves the reverse is true.

“We are happy that TNT’s drive to reduce its environmental impact with its fleet has been recognised,” Ron says.

“The addition of Euro 6 Scanias to the TNT fleet is in line with our on-going programme of greening all levels of our national fleet,” says Kurt Grossrieder.

“We are very pleased to have been presented with this award by PowerTorque Magazine, as it shows quite clearly that fleet operators have nothing to fear from Euro 6, but quite a lot to gain in terms of reduced noxious emissions as well as savings in AdBlue usage.”