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Meet the Scania Total Operating Economy experts at the Brisbane Truck Show

Unlike every other supplier at the Brisbane Truck Show, the Scania stand will not have truck sales staff on duty.

“Scania’s stand will be staffed by only our Total Transport Solution experts; men and women with a proven track record of improving our customers’ Total Operating Economy, throughout their Scania ownership experience,” says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

The Scania experts will be on hand in the Scania Services Lounge, which will dominate more than half of the company’s display stand in the main hall.

“Our multi-faceted focus for driving down costs across the ownership experience is dedicated to enhancing operator profitability. It is not a new approach, we have been working this way with our customers for some years, and the results are startling and impressive.

“The Scania experts can demonstrate how fuel efficiencies can be achieved, how wear and tear can be reduced, leading to reduced servicing costs, and how Scania can maximise uptime and thus profitability,” Roger says.

“We start with a very reliable truck; our factory-supplied warranty data proves these are the most reliable trucks we have ever built. But we have much more than a reliable and efficient truck for show and tell.

“The Scania stand will provide direct exposure to our Driver Services experts, our Peak Efficiency Experts, our driver coaching experts, our Maintenance & Repair programme experts, as well as our fleet rental and used truck experts,” he says.

“Each of these Total Operating Economy champions have real-world, proven, practical and effective strategies to share with visitors to our stand that can help their businesses realise greater profitability.

“We will launch Scania Optimise at the show. This is the next phase of our Peak Efficiency Programme that delivers sustainable fuel economy improvements for operators,” he says.

“Last year we put more than 750 Scania drivers through Peak Efficiency training, we added more than 530 trucks, trailers and buses to our Maintenance & Repair programmes, and we delivered a record number of new vehicles (in excess of 1,000 trucks and buses) to round out our best year ever in Australia.

“These achievements highlight exactly why Scania is a smart operator’s best partner for the long haul. 

“At the Brisbane Truck Show we will expose the entire Scania Total Transport Solution experience, from start to finish,” Roger says. 

“If you want to end 2015 in better shape than you started it, be sure to visit the Scania experts at the Brisbane Truck Show. We can make it happen.”