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K&S selects Scania V8 for West Coast run

Scania has delivered 12 new R 560 V8-powered prime movers to K&S Freighters in Bunbury, WA.

The new Scania R 560 V8s will be used primarily for 27.5m Road Train combinations from Bunbury to Perth, with 5 vehicles configured with hydraulics and hub-reduction axles to cope with logging and wood chip transport from the forests to Bunbury and Perth.

K&S made the switch to Scania following the successful deployment of R 560 V8 vehicles at its depot in Wagga Wagga, NSW. 

These vehicles have been operating as B-doubles between Albury and Brisbane over the past year, each covering around 300,000 km annually.

The fuel consumption and reliability of these vehicles, which are continuously on the road and clocking up significant distances each month, were prime factors enabling Scania to win the WA business.

“K&S operate a Road Train transport business in Bunbury and has been planning to replace some vehicles,” says Steven Alberse, Scania National Fleet Sales Manager.

“The replaced vehicles were early models, so for the drivers the switch to Scania has also brought significant benefits in terms of safety, driver comfort, and in-cab ambience, not to mention access to connectivity technology such as Bluetooth. Their drivers, many of who are long-term employees, have warmly embraced all of these features.

“While the drivers are quickly coming to enjoy the Scania experience we are confident that the frugal Scania engines will deliver for K&S,” Steven says.

“The 5 vehicles that are being used on the logging and wood chipping activities are pulling walking-floor trailers. The hub-reduction axles give the vehicles greater ability to cope with varying conditions in the forests, for example in the wet season when the hilly logging routes can become boggy,” he says.

“All of the vehicles are fitted with the 2-pedal Fully Automated Scania Opticruise gear-changing system and Scania Retarder. In fact, the effectiveness of the Retarder has been remarked on very positively by the drivers who have undergone the Scania Peak Efficiency familiarisation programme,” Steven says.

“In addition, all the vehicles have had a new alloy bumper fitted by Advanced Herd Bullbars, which will provide additional frontal protection without increasing the 27.5m overall length of the combination.

“We were able to have the chassis painted in K&S red at the factory, which will ensure the trucks continue to look smart throughout their projected long stay on the K&S fleet,” Steven says.

The prime movers were handed over to K&S Operations Manager Tony Grasso, and K&S Maintenance Manager, Cliff Fennell, in Bunbury in early February, and were put to work immediately.