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Ecolution by Scania drives efficiencies straight to the bottom line

Scania offers the best solutions for saving fuel and boosting the efficiency of any fleet.

‘Ecolution by Scania’ is the latest stage in a long-running Scania programme that aims to assist owners and operators extract the best efficiency from their Scania vehicles.

‘Ecolution By Scania’ is designed to enable operators to save more fuel and reduce emissions across the Scania range. It builds on the already efficient engines and drivetrains by adopting even more sophisticated processes to extract the maximum possible efficiency from the combination of the vehicle and the driver, irrespective of operating conditions. It is as much about operator mind-set, as it is about driver performance.

‘Ecolution by Scania’ is a tailored suite of benefits that comprise: Optimised Vehicle Specifications, Tailored Maintenance Programmes, Peak Efficiency Programme and Driver Coaching.

Optimised Vehicle Specifications

Scania’s experts can help customers select the exact specification for their business needs when ordering new vehicles, ensuring they get maximum uptime and minimum running costs and wear and tear rates. Optimisation allows customers to select from a broad range of mechanical features as well as electronic passive and active driver safety systems.

Tailored Maintenance Programmes

‘Ecolution by Scania’ allows customers to set uptime parameters and fuel use targets, while a rigorous regular maintenance schedule aims to eliminate unplanned downtime and ensure whole-of-life asset efficiency. For older vehicles, preventative maintenance programmes extend the working life of vehicles.

Peak Efficiency Programme

Scania can ensure drivers get the best from their new truck, with a four-hour familiarisation programme that explains all the on-board fuel-saving features. The Peak Efficiency Programme comes standard with all new trucks. The course is delivered by Scania Master Driver Trainers.

Driver Coaching

Coaching is driver training that goes the distance. The Scania Master Driver Trainers keep in regular contact with drivers, post instruction, to ensure they are hitting their efficiency targets, reinforcing the lessons imparted from the beginning. Regular follow-up is the proven way to maintain fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear.

“‘Ecolution by Scania’ is an imaginative and forward-thinking approach that all business owners can appreciate,” says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

“‘Ecolution by Scania’ gives customers more control of their expenditure, and equips their drivers with the most efficient tools for the job, and the best skills to ensure that they not only meet fuel consumption targets, but continue to do so over the long term.

“For our customers, ‘Ecolution by Scania’ is a profitability enhancer that builds on the fuel efficiency of our vehicles by making drivers more conscious of their contribution to reducing consumption,” Roger says.