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Forage harvesters doing 20,000 hours of farm work

Marani Industrial is the only company in Argentina that specialises in the production of self-propelled forage harvesters. Today two of its models are propelled by Scania engines, and a third, using a Scania 650 hp V8 engine, is under development.

Argentinean manufacturer Marani Industrial SA was founded in 1948 in the city of Casilda, south of the province of Santa Fe, as a metallurgical workshop. “The first harvester we produced, in 1958, was 14 feet [4.3 metres] long and had a petrol engine,” remembers Alejandro Marani, founder and partner at Marani Industrial SA.

The self-propelled forage harvesters that the company manufactures can be adapted for different crops – corn, sorghum, alfalfa, oats and the like.First forage harvester launched 2006In 2006, Marani launched its first forage harvester model powered by a Scania 9-litre 300 hp engine and featuring a rotary mower headstock with a working width of 3.2 metres. The market responded well, so in 2011 the company launched a new model with a 12-litre 400 hp engine and a 4.2-metre headstock. Both models are able to process up to 110 tonnes per hour.“The choice of engines from Scania is related to the continuity of the business,” explains Marani. “We had already used Scania engines in the grain harvesters we trade successfully.”Marani Industrial Commercial Manager Luis Bellinzona adds, “The clients never doubt the capacity of the machine they buy, even if in the beginning we offered the option of a different engine.” He explains that the next units will have more power, 450 hp, in order for the harvester to offer a larger torque reserve.20, 000 hours of farm workScania engines have an average useful life of 20,000 hours of farm work. “That is a lot,” stresses Marani. “The high-capacity harvesters cover around 2,500 hectares per year, about 800 hours of work. The Scania engine never runs down.”Marani Industrial is the only Argentinean company specialising in production of self-propelled forage harvesters with 70 percent of the parts made in Argentina. “Using engines from Scania forces the rest of the elements to be of similar quality,” says Bellinzona.The heart of the “grinding” is made in Marani Industrial’s workshops. Everything from the rotary mower headstocks with conical discs to the chassis and the unloading turbine has been created by the company’s engineers. In addition, they paint, assemble and set up the units. The cabins, coulters and electrical systems are provided by local companies, while the hydrostatic transmission, electro valve, rollings and tracks are imported.The forage harvester is an essential link in the agricultural work chain, so it is crucial that it not fail. Tractors and incoming and outgoing trucks as well as baggers depend on it. “The halt of a harvester has an impact on the agronomic and financial result of an enterprise,” Marani says.