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Scania is green all over

Scania has a strong focus on efficiency as well as maximising uptime for operators of its wide range of safe and comfortable trucks. Scania believes the biggest contributor to improved efficiency is through encouraging drivers to reduce fuel consumption by exploiting the many systems installed in the vehicle.

Scania efficiency is further enhanced via a standard feature called the Peak Efficiency Programme, which is included with each new vehicle delivered. This provides a four-hour in-depth vehicle familiarisation programme after delivery that allows a personal interaction between the driver and the Scania driving efficiency experts.

In addition, the Scania Driver Support system in-built in many models gives drivers real-time feedback on their level of driving efficiency, offering positive reinforcement and handy suggestions about how minor modifications to their driving style can result in greater efficiency, and thus lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Scania Driver Support displays an efficiency rating as a percentage and drivers naturally and easily adopt a personal focus to essentially improve their rating. In so doing their efficiency improves.

The system rewards drivers who lift off the throttle before cresting a hill to use the momentum to carry them over the top and then down the other side, while allowing the Scania Opticruise automated gearchange system to figure out the ideal up- or down-change points also minimises over-revving. Scania Opticruise software is designed to utilise vehicle momentum in the initial stages of climbing hills, this keeps the vehicle average speed higher without using additional fuel. Opticruise then works to keep the engine in the ‘green’ band on the tacho.

Scania engines are designed to deliver high torque at low revs, which means the driver can utilise Scania’s high torque to accelerate smoothly. Revving the engine beyond the green zone merely serves to waste fuel.

Scania Driver Support also rewards drivers who accelerate smoothly and refrain from late or harsh braking, which both saves fuel and reduces wear and tear on transmission components as well as the service brakes.

Combining safety and efficiency, Scania offers Adaptive Cruise Control, which maintains a safe fixed following distance to the vehicle in front, and allows the engine to work at its most efficient. This also reduces driver fatigue, boosting road safety still further.

All Scania engines have been compliant with Euro 5 emission levels for more than two years in Australia, but in addition several are available with Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle (EEV) compliance, denoting an even cleaner exhaust. In Europe, Scania already has a variety of popular engines available commercially that comply with Euro 6, which is mandated for introduction there soon.