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New look for Scania P-series in 2012

Scania’s stalwart P-series has been restyled in line with the G- and R-series cabs and features revisions to the front grille.

The Scania P-series has now been updated in line with the styling of the G- and R-series with sharper lines and larger grille openings, as well as the standard Silver Brilliant grille colour and a larger Scania logotype.

The front has been revised to improve airflow around the front and through the engine compartment.

Revised bumpers are available in two heights, both with integrated mounting space for the Adaptive Cruise Control radar sensor.

The new P-series has been available for order since the start of the year with the first deliveries arriving shortly.

“The Scania P-series is the stalwart of our range and has a wide array of applications. It is valued highly by our customers and the new look is very appealing,” says Roger McCarthy, Scania Australia Managing Director.

“The P-series has considerable potential in Australia, specifically when configured in 6x2 drive trains for intra-state and metro delivery options.

“Operator savings can be significant over an identical 6x4 drive train, from a lower purchase price to efficiency improvements in payload, fuel use and servicing costs.”

“The new look P-series will be a welcome addition to the line up.”