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Scania to preview ‘World’s most powerful truck’ at 2011 Brisbane Truck Show.

With 3500 Nm and 730 hp, Scania’s new flagship V8 has the highest torque and power ratings of any truck engine.

New detail styling gives all V8 range even greater visibility on the road.

In 2010, the new Scania’s R-series was judged International Truck of the Year.

In 2011, Scania is bringing the latest flagship of the Scania range, the R 730, to Australia to preview the world’s most powerful truck in a land where big V8 engines have always been made most welcome.

“Scania’s V8 trucks have built a niche of their own in the truck market,” says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

“The vast majority of Scania's V8 customers buy for rational reasons. They need the performance, dependability and availability to get their job done as efficiently as possible.

“This unique combination of performance, transport efficiency, fuel economy, dura-bility and driver appeal means high productivity in all respects. As a result, Scania V8 truck models have a very high resale value.

“The sheer power of the new R 730 is important, but even more so is the torque rating. Having 3500 Nm of torque on tap makes a joy out of any transport task and is bound to put a smile on every driver’s face,” Roger says.

Scania V8 trucks are very popular in the high-output end of the truck market, globally accounting for more than half of the total sales volume around 600 hp and above. With four power ratings to choose from, Scania's demanding V8 customers now have a wide choice that nobody can match.

The combination of 3500 Nm and 730 hp is more than any competitor can muster. Scania's powertrain has been adapted to handle this with ease. A reinforced Scania gearbox is used fitted as standard with the new Scania Opticruise automated gear-changing system. Thanks to the smooth power delivery inherent in a V8 engine, other powertrain components remain largely unchanged.

The new V8 is fully integrated in Scania’s modular engine range. The engine is based on the modular engine platform and technologies used on Scania's newest in-line engines, while also sharing numerous features and components with the existing V8s. Scania’s principle of step-by-step developments that always fit together with other parts and components, minimises the hassle for customers. Professional servicing and parts supply are readily available.

Note to editors:

The pre-existing Scania V8 500 hp, 560 hp and 620 hp engines continue unchanged. Only the 730 hp engine uses the new generation technology.

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