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Truck Rental Offer

First manufacturer owned and run Prime Mover rental fleet in Australia, featuring all Euro 5 vehicles with Sleeper Cabs.

The new Scania Truck Rental business will offer Scania Prime Movers for short to medium term hire.

Scania Australia will be the first manufacturer to offer in-house national truck rental to Australian trucking companies.

All vehicles in the newly formed rental fleet will be Euro 5 compliant and a selection of Scania Sleeper Cab models will be available.

The launch programme begins in Victoria, followed by New South Wales and Queensland, with rental periods available from 1 to 24 months.

A range of Scania Prime Mover models will be available, with rental agreements structured to meet the diverse needs of the market and to give the customer optimum flexibility.

Scania’s unique customer benefits include vehicle registration fees and nationwide roadside cover through Scania Assistance. So customers only need to add fuel, drivers and insurance cover.

“Our market research tells us there is a clear demand for a premium truck rental product directly from a premium truck manufacturer,” says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

“Scania Truck Rental has been established for many years in key markets overseas, and we are confident the concept will be attractive to many operators here in Australia.

“Scania Truck Rental should prove attractive to operators who have a need for expansion of their Prime Mover fleets to meet peak demand, as well as to those operators looking for long-term flexibility in their vehicle fleets,” Roger says.

“All Scanias in our truck rental fleet will have a maximum of a 24-month age profile.

They will be maintained in prime condition by our Scania network,” he says.

“The launch of Scania Truck Rental is another product introduction to the Scania Total Transport Solution concept which seeks to provide a full purchase-to-disposal life-cycle service for fleets large and small. It is further proof that Scania is redefining transport in Australia.

“Scania Truck Rental has already achieved success on the Australian market,” he says.

“In fact, a contract was secured for 12 Scanias within days of confirming the programme.”

Fleet operators wishing to find out more detail may contact Scania Head Office on 1300 391 744.