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Scania 6x2 Prime Mover Increases Payload and Safety

Scania has for many years been successful in various markets with 6x2 configuration Prime Movers, passenger coaches and rigid trucks, and now aims to convert savvy buyers in the long haul market to their advantages.

A Scania G 440 6x2 Sleeper Cab Prime Mover fitted with the new Fully Automated Scania Opticruise two-pedal gearchange system is already in the market, and is being demonstrated to potential customers.

In addition to a valuable cost saving over an identical 6x4 vehicle, there is a weight saving to be gained, offering increased payload.

With only one drive axle to service and maintain, service operating costs over the long-term can also be reduced.

Scania Australia will offer the 6x2 drive configuration across the full Prime Mover range of P, G and R cabs and the full range of 5 and 6-cylinder and V8 engines.

“The 6x2 drivetrain will not only be of interest to single trailer operators but also some high volume b-double operators who are looking to optimise their operating costs  and will find the 6x2 attractive.” says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

“This axle configuration is ideally suited to major retailers and other logistics operators who primarily focus on metropolitan and intra and interstate deliveries. We already offer an 8x2 rigid with single or twin steer axles to these customers.”

A key benefit of the 6x2 configuration is that it opens the way for Scania’s internationally regarded advanced electronic safety systems to be employed; some of which are yet to be available on 6x4 drivetrains.

These include Scania Lane Departure Warning, Electronic Stability Control and Adaptive Cruise Control.

These systems are now already widely available on passenger cars and Scania is keen to extend their role in the commercial vehicle market, for the safety benefit of truck drivers and all road users.

Scania 6x2 Safety Technology

Scania Lane Departure Warning

Scania Lane Departure Warning uses a camera mounted on the front of the dash to monitor the vehicle’s track between the white lines painted on the roadway 30 times per second. It has been designed to work in all weather and it alerts drivers if they stray across lane markings using an audible warning (like tyres crossing a rumble strip) through the radio speakers, or via a vibration in the driver’s seat on buses. Lane drift can be a sign of driver fatigue, which if unchecked, can increase the potential for an accident. The system is smart enough to distinguish between a driver making a turn and an unintentional lane change, by monitoring steering inputs.

Scania Electronic Stability Programme

Scania ESP actively supports the driver in tricky situations when there is a risk of jack-knifing, sliding or overturning. Emergency situations or inappropriate speed can sometimes result in vehicle instability. This is especially hazardous for prime mover combinations, where even momentary loss of driver control could have disastrous and very expensive consequences. Scania ESP greatly increases driving safety by monitoring key stability parameters and automatically triggering appropriate controls. The system is available on all 4x2 and 6x2 prime movers equipped with electronically controlled disc brakes. It is designed to work on wet or slippery roads, where under or oversteering often occurs, and on dry roads, where the main risk is a roll-over resulting from excessive speed or adverse camber on bends.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Scania’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) allows drivers to remain at a safe distance from the vehicle in front, even in stop-and-go traffic. The system allows the driver to pre-seta safe time gap following distance, and warns the driver if the distance closes suddenly. The preferred time gap can beset in five steps, the settings displayed on the dashboard. Scania’s ACC system analyses road speed, data from the engine, Scania Retarder and wheel brakes to maintain the pre-set time gap. It also alerts the driver when the gap closes rapidly, but never takes over completely. This is to avoid inattention caused by overconfidence in the system. Scania ACC is available on prime movers equipped with Scania ESP and Scania Retarder.