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Scania introduces a new platform of six-cylinder EGR Euro 5 engines

Scania introduces four new engine variants with the arrival of its new generation 13-litre six-cylinder EGR Euro 5 engine platform.

The new engine range is part of the Scania’s global modular engine concept employed successfully across its entire range of five cylinder, six cyclinder and V8 engines for use in truck, bus and stationary and marine engines.

The new 13-litre engines for truck applications are available in 360hp, 400hp, 440hp and 480hp outputs with 1,850Nm, 2,100Nm, 2,300Nm and 2,500Nm of torque, respectively, from 1,000-1,300rpm.

These high torque low revving engines will provide outstanding fuel economy, low emissions and optimum durability and reliability.

From launch, these engines will comply with Euro 5 emissions standards.

All use a new and patented two-stage Exhaust Gas Recirculation emission technology unique to Scania, which allows the engines to run solely on diesel with no need for AdBlue.


The impressive performance is achieved thanks to the development of Scania XPI extra-high pressure fuel injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.

The results are improved economy and uptime across the range.

Scania XPI means fuel delivery and injection pressure can be set independently of engine speed, with exceptional precision. This sophisticated system adjusts continually to adapt to changing speeds and situations, to get the most from every drop of diesel.

It uses up to three precisely timed fuel injections to enhance performance and economy – while reducing harmful emissions – through every cycle.

Scania EGR reduces emissions during combustion, directly in the combustion chamber. It lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and reusing a portion of the exhaust gases. This leads to increased fuel efficiency without additives.

Scania has been able to combine EGR with low particulate emissions and perfect combustion via high injection pressures. There is no soot problem with Scania EGR. Soot is developed when there is a late combustion.

In the two-stage EGR system, the variable geometry turbocharger and the EGR valve control the amount of exhaust gases that are recirculated. Both are controlled by the engine management system.

For the first stage, the recirculated exhaust gases are cooled by a water cooler on the engine. In the second stage, an air cooler mounted in front of the radiator further reduces the temperature of the EGR gases. The use of the second stage is controlled a by-pass valve, which opens at low ambient temperature

Whether on the open road, on the construction site or in the city, Scania EGR effectively reduces emissions in all conditions.

Scania EGR technology combines excellent fuel economy with the convenience of not requiring additives, leaving space on the chassis for extra fuel or other equipment.

Fuel economy is the single most important factor promoting efficient operation. Scania has a proven track record of offering outstanding fuel economy in a variety of applications.

The new 13.0-litre engine platform will be available in Australia in the new G-series, as well as in the existing P-series (in 360hp and 400hp) as well as in the new generation R-series, typically in 480hp guise.

“The new Scania engine platform utilises cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of operators who require high torque and low consumption and emissions, “says Roger McCarthy, Managing Director of Scania Australia.

“The four engine options all give excellent performance, outstanding drivability and of course legendary Scania reliability and durability.

“The flexibility of the 13-litre engine range means it is just as much at home in a Scania P-series rigid truck used for local distribution, as in a Scania G-series construction truck or a long-distance prime mover equipped with a Scania R-series cab,” Roger says.

“We believe the new 13-litre low emissions EGR engines will provide the perfect solution in meeting our customers’ requirements.

“In addition, the 13-litre platform is perfectly matched to the new generation Scania Opticriuse automated gearchange system, available in Fully Automated, or 3-pedal mode, bringing even greater control and comfort to the Scania driving experience.”