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Scania aims to boost efficiency and safety behind the wheel

Scania driver training is now included with each new vehicle delivered in 2010. Following delivery of their new Scania, enrolment to the course offers drivers the chance to fine-tune their driving efficiency and safety behind the wheel.

As part of the new SCANIA MASTER DRIVER programme the course is conducted over four hours and for a maximum of two drivers. Drivers receive a detailed assessment of how they interact with their new Scania.

Experienced driver trainers will suggest ways for the drivers to further optimise their interaction with the vehicle’s systems to allow the vehicle to run at peak efficiency.

The potential benefits are lower running costs, increased driver safety and comfort, and reduced component wear and tear, all of which contribute to maximum uptime and thus improved asset utilisation.

A further benefit is that a truck operating at peak fuel efficiency is reducing its environmental impact as well.

“Scania is expert at delivering better, safer, more efficient drivers through the SCANIA MASTER DRIVER programme,” says Terry Hutton, Learning Manager at Scania Australia.

“The training offered by Scania has been proven in Europe over several years. It delivers impressive benefits, and we want our Australian drivers and truck operators to get on board and also enjoy these benefits.

“In addition to increased driving efficiency and reduced vehicle wear and tear, driver stress is also reduced. The flow-on benefits should be improved road safety, greater mechanical sympathy and reduced vehicle damage, saving time and money,” Terry says.

“We want all drivers to experience the Scania engineering and innovation built into each of our vehicles.”

SCANIA MASTER DRIVER recognises that even the most experienced drivers with millions of kilometres logged can benefit from learning to drive in a more efficient manner assisting them to be more attentive and alert behind the wheel.

The courses are structured to be both interactive and practical, including “see-for-yourself” skills that demonstrate how to drive a Scania in the manner its manufacturer intended, getting the maximum from the engineering technology engineered into the design.

Instruction is carried out in the driver’s own vehicle, so the benefits are immediately visible.

The introductory driver-training course is available within three months of the delivery of a new Scania, and is designed to suit the needs of the particular business.

Tailor-made extensions to SCANIA MASTER DRIVER programmes are available.

SCANIA MASTER DRIVER is offered at a number of locations around Australia, delivered in a Scania-branded environment.