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Sensitive cargo

You drive an important cargo, in a competitive landscape with tighter deadlines and tougher regulations. So you know a truck needs to be more than just standard. Scania tailor solutions specifically for your industry. For its own unique balance between safety, payload and uptime.


Scania masters the art of cutting weight

Safety & Security

Avoid accidents and prevent injuries


Maximise time on the road

Tailored for the only business that matters. Yours



The bigger the truck the better? Only if you haul paper towels perhaps. But with a high-value cargo you need a minimalist approach. Scania masters the art of cutting weight – for every 100 kg we take off the weight of the truck, you can gain up to 2,000 € a year. See below.

Foldable seats -19 kg

Saving on the driver’s seat is unwise. Much wiser to choose a foldable passenger seat that will save you 19 kg. 

Mount 5th wheel -82 kg

Mount the 5th wheel directly and add 82 kg to the payload.

Change air suspension -31 kg

Change the air suspension from two springs to four springs and cut 31 kg.

Unsafe is unthinkable

There can be no compromise on safety. No matter whether you drive upstream or downstream, locally or long-distance. For the sake of the community and the driver. At Scania we are constantly working to improve visibility, handling, braking and stability. Below are some of the new enhanced features.

Brake efficiency

The Scania brake pads consist of a unique friction material optimised for the patented alloy in the brake disc, which ensures maximum service life with consistent braking behaviour. A retarder helps increase the life of the service brakes.


Scania already has the best overall visibility – both on the highways and when operating at low speeds. Now it is even better with slimmer A pillars, lower side windows, a lowered instrument panel and a driver position that has been moved forward by 65 mm. The wiper system has also been improved to clean a larger area of the windscreen. 


The cab structure complies with Swedish crash test standards, which are even stricter than EU standards. The roof hatch has been enlarged to serve as an additional emergency exit. Scania is also launching new rollover airbags to protect cab occupants from side impacts. 


Scania are the guardians of uptime. We know how important it is to keep drivers hauling fuel – whether it’s in three shifts or for demanding customers, and with the threat of heavy penalties. We understand the value of a partnership that keeps you rolling.


Every truck is used differently, so Scania services them individually. Our new standard for maintenance contracts analyse vehicle data to work out when a service is needed and exactly what needs servicing. So planned downtime only happens when it’s necessary, not when the calendar says so. 

Scania Assistance

Scania Assistance also uses remote diagnostics to shorten downtime. If you can’t come to the workshop, then the workshop can come to you. Wherever you are, Scania Assistance is available at any time every single day of the year. Just one call will put you in touch with a service coordinator who knows your Scania and speaks your language. 

Fleet Care

Regardless of brand or age, Scania Fleet Care will look after your whole fleet and make sure each vehicle is performing at peak condition. Your personal fleet manager will use the latest technology and best practice framework to organise every maintenance stop with minimum disruption. 




Your local Scania dealer can carefully calculate purchase price compared with end-value created by different solutions. For a taste of what they might show you, see below.

Vehicle insurance

There are several ways of reducing the weight of an unloaded vehicle. This enables the payload – and likewise the revenue – to increase proportionally. Since the densities of different fuels vary, we’ve provided an example in kilos. By opting for aluminium rims, a directly mounted 5th wheel and a 4-spring rear suspension, you can increase your payload by around 200 kilos.

Here is a quick calculation:

  • Total payload: 20,000 kg 
  • Annual revenue: 200,000 €
  • Increase in revenue per 200 kg of saved weight: 200 kg / 20,000 kg x 200,000 € = 2,000 €

Our Scania Flexible Maintenance will help you find the perfect balance when it comes to servicing your vehicle. By continuously analysing your vehicle data, we’re able to identify and act on your servicing needs before they occur.


  • Number of servicing days during a three-year contract: 10
  • Number of servicing days when using Scania Maintenance with flexible plans: 8
  • Average loss of income per day: 900 €
  • Savings on unnecessary maintenance: 1,800 €

Every hour counts. Which is a good reason to consider Scania Casco insurance instead of just any insurance. In the event of an accident, time is lost as a result of the need to organise recovery and repairs before the vehicle can be put back on the road. With Scania Casco insurance the entire claims process is optimised and coordinated centrally.

Recovery and corrective actions start straight away and your vehicle will be back on the road up to one day sooner.

Average loss of income per day off the road: 900 €
Savings as a result of a one day shorter claims process: 900 €

Configure your truck

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, you can tailor your truck to fit your trucking life. Make it Scania.

Configure your truck