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8,000 service technicians in Scania’s global competition

Scania Top Team is an awarded competitive training programme developed to continually enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and teamwork in Scania’s workshops all over the world. The competition also helps attract skilled professionals to the industry.

Some 8,000 participants from over 60 countries develop their skills by combining training and teamwork while competing. The resulting benefit for Scania customers is more effective service.

“Fantastic way of celebrating skills”

our journey in the region

After winning the championship in the national competition for Top Team 2014-2015, Al Shirawi’s Dubai Digital Destroyers (3D) team had set off for the regional competition in China.

With more than 40 participants from 8 countries in Asia & the Pacific, the Al Shirawi 3D team has once again emerged strong -taking the 3rd place amongst the national teams of tough competition. Australia and China respectively took the first and second place, letting them go forward for the worldwide Top Team Final 2014-2015.

Top Team is Scania’s approach to increasing and proving the value of its service excellence to customers. It enhances service skills and competence, promote teamwork, and stregthen pride and confidence of team members. Congratulations to Al Shirawi 3D team for this great achievement and representation for the gulf region.