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A pleasure to drive

Scania Touring keeps you moving

Combining fuel efficiency and uptime with 100% commitment to quality, Scania Touring offers you excellent operating economy. For operators focused on low total cost of ownership, this coach is destined to be your profit source for years to come.


Made from waste

HVO is a high-quality bio-based diesel fuel that can be made from different sources – such as waste oil, rape seed oil, palm oil and animal fat.

Runs on plant oil

Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel produced from plant oil. It’s easy to handle and can be used in most Scania diesel engines.

Common for long distances

Diesel is still the most common choice for long distance operation, but the alternatives are gaining ground every day.

Versatile connector

Scania Touring makes a bold statement for your business, while helping you realise a broad range of business opportunities. This versatile vehicle meets the demands of both occasional service and regular service over longer distances.