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Achieving fossil-free heavy transport by 2050

How do we reach zero CO2 emissions by 2050, the Paris Agreement target?

Scania’s comprehensive research has determined the technology and infrastructure development as well as other action needed to reach that goal.

In a “back-cast” modelling approach from 2050, Scania initially built a detailed model integrating “well-to-wheel” carbon emissions with logistics system, powertrain efficiency, technology cost and penetration, and transport demand.

The research shows that we can achieve more than a one-fifth reduction of CO2 emissions by optimising system and non-powertrain improvements, such as improving routing and load management. The remainder can be reached with alternative drivetrains and fuels.

TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP – incorporating drivetrain, fuel, and infrastructure costs – were incorporated to create a consistent euro-per-kilometre model across technologies.

THE WELL-TO-WHEEL CARBON EMISSIONS – spanning production to end-use of fuel and electricity – were calculated based on the emission of each fuel and technology.