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Scania Gulf Tipper, an Off-Road truck for the Middle East

March 2016

Scania Gulf Tipper, an Off-Road Truck

Scania Gulf Tipper is a Scania Off-Road truck –fit for hard work, fit for tough business.

Equipped with new features, this completely built unit especially made for the region has improved reliability and durability with maximum uptime and service life. Scania Gulf Tipper is equipped with Opticruise automated gear shifting system to ensure superior driveability, comfort, and operating economy. It has a specially designed frame and brackets to give superior rust protection and robustness to the body with an extra heavy duty draw beam  which increases strength when tipping. An air restriction indicator on the instrument panel identifies when the air filter has to be cleaned or replaced, improving the life of the engine and powertrain components.

Designed to provide you will all you need to reliably move your business ahead in the most challenging conditions. Great torque. Extraordinary traction. Outstanding power. And Scania’s renowned robustness and serviceability.

Keeping the Construction Industry Going

Every day, Scania vehicles can be found hard at work at construction sites throughout the world. Durability, reliability and drivability are a few reasons why professionals rely on Scania to move their business ahead. 

Solutions for every need. At Scania, we offer more than trucks. Together we can tailor complete solutions that support your operations in the best possible way. With Scania construction trucks and services you get all you need to support your operations.

How Scania Improves your Total Operating Economy

1.       Uptime. You get a robust and durable truck that is built to never let you down. You also get access to our global service network – we’re dedicated to your profitability.

2.       Productivity. You get a truck that takes payload, drivability and productivity to the next level, perfectly specified to your operating conditions.

3.       Fuel Efficiency. You get a truck that is fine-tuned to achieve just the right balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Scania’s Outstanding Powertrain

The best way to improve total operating economy is to find the perfect balance between drivability, startability, and fuel consumption. Scania does it by optimising its powertrain. 

The traction panel - how to put power on the ground. On the dashboard you will find a panel dedicated to improving traction. Controls include differential lock, traction, weight transfer and off-road mode. Every feature is designed to give you total control of your vehicle’s traction. 

Scania Opticruise - gear-changing intelligence. Scania Opticruise is an automated gear-changing system that ensures the correct gear is always selected, thus optimising fuel consumption and reducing stress on the powertrain. The system is available with either a classic clutch pedal or a fully automated version with a rocking function. Multiple modes can be specified to deliver the correct strategy for different conditions. Standard, power, and off-road mode can be specified. Features such as hill-hold and retarder complete the system.


Scania Gulf Tipper - Fit for hard work. Fit for tough business.