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Scania Touring Bus Launched in the Middle East

March 2016

Scania Touring – new global coach range with special appeal

Scania launched its new coach in the Gulf region. The Scania Touring is a coach designed to meet customer’s needs for occasional and regular services over medium and long distances. Enjoy a full support from a single point of contact since all parts, maintenance and repairs are backed by Scania’s comprehensive global service work. The possibility of fast deliveries gives a business plenty of flexibility. If customer is focused on good total operating economy, this coach is destined to be a profit source for years to come.

Scania Touring is built in quality, fit and finish, as well as reliability and durability in severe endurance tests have surpassed our expectations. Scania’s team of stylists have created a coach with a distinct Scania character. It combines fuel efficiency with low life cycle cost. Scania Touring customers will enjoy support from a single point of contact, with parts, maintenance and repairs available via Scania’s regular sales and service network.

Scania design

The Scania Touring HD 12-metre high-decker coach has been styled by Scania’s styling department. The styling conveys typical Scania traits like the rounded wedge-shape at the front and the rounded corners that reduce drag. 

The detailing at the front and front light assemblies promote the Scania identity and harmonise with the lateral design. The wraparound windscreen and hidden A-pillars promote the distinctive lines flowing smoothly from the front into the window line along the sides. The sculpted wheel arches accentuate an eagerness to move ahead. The tail wraps up all styling elements into a statement of quality and solidity.

High standard, many options

The interior features 49 reclining passenger seats. A guide seat is mounted at the front. The luggage hatches open up pneumatically (option) to 9 cu m of luggage space, slightly less with the optional co-driver’s bunk.

The coach is available in two trim levels, Comfort (fabric upholstery) and Premium (leather upholstery), both with options for mid-mounted toilet cabinet and a kitchenette. A selection of coordinated colour schemes for panels and upholstery can be combined to provide a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Exclusive stitched leather upholstery with contrasting seams is optional. 

Roof-mounted air conditioning and convector heating are standard, auxiliary heating an option. Side and rear windows are double-glazed and tinted. The AV equipment includes 19-inch LCD monitors at the front and in the centre. 

The driver station with its sweeping dashboard line has driver-friendly ergonomics: ample seat and steering wheel adjustments will suit the frame of any driver. All seats in the coach have integrated seatbelts. Aft of the centre door is an optional co-driver’s bunk with an intercom facility to communicate with the driver.

Fully-automated gearchanging

The all-Scania powertrain comprises Euro 3 up to Euro 6 engines from 360 up to 460 hp, a 12-speed gearbox, fully electronically controlled gear changing with Scania Opticruise. An overdrive version of the gearbox can be specified for relaxed and fuel-efficient high-speed cruising.

The coach has full air suspension, with optional independent suspension for the front wheels. Electronically controlled disc brakes with ABS are standard. The all-steel monocoque body complies with the strict European R66-01 regulation for rollover strength. 

Drivability and driver focus

Scania has also put effort on developing a Scania driver place with a well-designed ergonomic workplace, where each detail is designed to fit into a well-functioning entity. The driver station is designed according to Scania experience with the driver in focus. The seat is fully pneumatic has several adjustment options with memory, adjustable backrest with integrated head restraint, tilt setting, horizontal adjustment for length. The driver’s seat has integrated headrest, high back, double armrest and 3-point seatbelt. The dashboard has an upright design for better ergonomics. The instrument cluster is installed horizontally in the dashboard to facilitate orientation and reduce reflections.


Dubai Launch

February 17, 2016 | Meydan Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi Launch

March 8, 2016 | Shangri La Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oman Introduction

May 31, 2016 | Scania Middle East, JAFZA, Dubai, UAE