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Scania’s delivery centre in Dubai is green

Scania’s delivery centre in Dubai has been environmentally certified according to Gold LEED criteria. By using innovative technology, Scania has reduced the centre’s water consumption by 85 percent and energy consumption by 25 percent.

Scania’s premise for bodybuilding and equipping complete vehicles in Dubai has been awarded the Gold level of LEED environmental certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the internationally most recognized environmental certification system, and it is developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Scania’s delivery centre is spread across 20,000 square metres. By using solar energy to illuminate the area, Scania has reduced the energy consumption by 17 MWh per year, corresponding to a 25 percent reduction. The centre also uses a water recycling system that reduces fresh-water consumption by 85 percent.

“Among other things, we use the condensed water from the air conditioning. It adds up to 50 litres every day,” says Fabio Castello, manager of the Scania delivery centre for the Middle East. “We have also chosen desert plants instead of more traditional palm trees to reduce the need for irrigation.”

In addition to solar panels and innovative water use, Scania has designed the building’s roof to keep the walls in shade, thereby keeping inside temperatures as low as possible. There is also a system that uses electro-static filters to reduce the need for taking in outside air that needs to be cooled.

“To sum up our efforts for the environment, we got full marks for innovative design and processes,” says Castello.

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria with the employees of Scania Dubai delivery center.
Swedish Crown Princess Victoria with the employees of Scania Dubai delivery center.