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Scania wins European Transport Award for Sustainability 2018

The driver assistance system Scania Cruise Control with Active Prediction with the new function Pulse & Glide has been awarded the Europäischen Transportpreis für Nachhaltigkeit 2018, the European Transport Award for Sustainability.

With this latest version of Scania Cruise Control with Active Prediction (CCAP), the driver has more customisation options in driving modes to save even more fuel. Scania CCAP uses topographical map data and GPS technology to determine the characteristics of the road three kilometres ahead. Based on this data, it selects gearing and speed strategies for the lowest possible fuel consumption. The vehicle uses advanced algorithms to calculate how it for instance can use its kinetic energy to Eco-roll with the gears in neutral.

With the latest Pulse & Glide iteration of the system, Eco-roll can be used even on gradients that under normal circumstances are not steep enough to maintain speed. By being able to increase speed – Pulse – and then freewheel – Glide – the collective time that the vehicle uses Eco-roll can be considerably increased. On suitable stretches of road, the new function alone can contribute to fuel savings of up to 0.5 percent.

The European Transport Award for Sustainability is awarded by a jury with representatives of Huss-Verlag, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Kravag-Logistic and the German Association of Postal Service Providers (BdKEP).

“The award is yet another affirmation of the innovative strengths of Scania’s new truck generation,” says Peter Hornig, Managing Director Scania Deutschland Österreich. “All technological developments that enable fuel savings contribute positively to sustainability.”