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Scania overtakes competition

The new generation Scania trucks are an immediate success. Following the announcement of the Scania S-series as the Truck of the Year, Scania has swept away the competition in all of the prestigious comparative and single trade media tests that it has entered.

“We knew that our new trucks had outstanding qualities and have now received impartial confirmation of their superior performance,” says Senior Vice President Christopher Podgorski, Head of Trucks at Scania. “Customers can look forward to an unprecedented driving experience with unmatched fuel economy.”

The new generation trucks have been praised in nearly all aspects – for their powertrain, performance, comfort, braking capacity, visibility and steering. “High performance with low fuel consumption, the best driving characteristics, a high level of comfort and a better place to work – that skilfully paves the way for the new S-class,” writes the leading German trade magazine Lastauto Omnibus in summarising the demanding comparative 1,000 point test. It further reported, “Scania excels in lateral stability with precise steering and an overall feeling of control.”

In another comparative test led by German trade magazine KFZ-Anzeiger, the Scania S 500 was found to be “sensationally economical”. In fact, it was the first truck to register under 30 litres/100 km on their test route. Definitely value for money, was the verdict.

The excellent fuel economy performance was also confirmed in France Routes’ test, the leading trade magazine in the country. It subjected the new Scania R 500 to rigorous tests along a 419-kilometre route in south-eastern France. Over the five hours of testing, the new generation Scania R 500 recorded the lowest-ever average fuel consumption of 28.4 litres/100 km.

“We set out with the ambitious goal to develop the best truck that the world has ever seen,” says Podgorski. “Moreover, these trucks should be tailored to the precise characteristics of every industry and thereby obtain the very best total operating economy. It is highly gratifying to note that these aspirations have now been independently affirmed.”